Jean Claude Carrier, Bunuel’S Screenwriter, Died

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

French playwright and screenwriter Jean Claude Carriere, who has been working with Spanish director Luis Bu è uel for nearly 20 years, died on Monday at the age of 89. His daughter, Kiara carrier è re, told the French press agency that the writer, who was not ill, died “while sleeping” at his home in Paris. Born in columbi è res sur orb, H é rault, France, on September 19, 1931, he is one of the main advocates of surrealism in France. His screenwriting works include nearly 150 titles.

“I’ve done all kinds of writing. I think I have a good Arsenal. There is one thing in my heart that he is happy to serve a writer, immerse himself in his thoughts, adapt to it and improve it. “I don’t have self-esteem,” the real gymnast said in his writing, with a strong ability to work and a corrosive sense of humor. He graduated from the Department of literature and history and entered the short film industry as a director in 1961. A year later, he won the best short film Oscar for happy birthday with Pierre etex.

In 1963, during the Cannes Film Festival, he met Louis bunuer and began to work with him. As a screenwriter, he started from the maid’s Diary (1964), which lasted for 19 years and covered almost all the scripts of Aragon’s film makers. After that, he recorded several films, such as Belle de Jour (1967). The low-key charm of the bourgeoisie (1972), the ghost of freedom (1974), the dark object of desire (1977) or the galaxy (1969), etc.

He also works with other Spanish directors, such as Luis Garc í a Berlanga or Fernando Trueba, CO authored with artists and models (2012), and with Jacques Tati, Jean Luc Godard, Louis mall, Milos Forman, Costa Gavras, or anderge·

Carlyle is also the author of the tin drum (1979), the return of Martin greyer (1982), the lightness of life (1988), Valmont (1989), silano de beglac (1990) or cavalry on the roof (1995).

Most recently, he has been a screenwriter in Jonathan Glazer’s birth (2004) or Milos Forman’s ghost of Goya (2006) and Michael haneck’s white ribbon (2009) or Philip garrel’s shadow of women (2015).

As an actor, he has more than 30 works, including certified copies of Abbas Kiarostami or bu Niel and the table of King Solomon Carlos Saura. It has two Oscars, one of which is the honorary award in 2015, and the other is BAFTA. They are Bunuel’s (1972) and Philip Kaufman’s “the low-key charm of the Bourgeoisie” (1988) and Daniel Vigne’s “Martin Guerre’s return” (1982) and “art and art” Spanish lyrics.