More Than 200 People In Film, Television, Drama And Music Have Signed A Declaration In Favor Of Pablo Hassell

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

“The persecution of rappers, Twitter users, journalists and other representatives of culture and art for trying to exercise their right to freedom of expression has become a continuing phenomenon. As a result, Spain has become one of the countries most affected by the content of songs by artists. Now, with Pablo hasel imprisoned, the Spanish government is equating itself with countries like Turkey or Morocco. ” This is the beginning of a statement by more than 200 artists from the film, drama and music industries, who support rapper Pablo rivardura Duro in this way, Musically known as Pablo hasel, at the end of January, the National High Court ordered him to serve nine months and one day in prison. In May 2020, he was sentenced to prison at the Supreme Court for inciting terrorism and insulting the royal family and state institutions.

The fact that hassle had to go to jail dates back to 2014-2016, when he posted 64 messages on Twitter and a song on YouTube. In a letter published in March 2016, he wrote next to a picture of Grabo Victoria Gomez, a member of the terrorist organization: “demonstrations are necessary, but not enough. Let’s support those who go further.” He also accused the retired king and Philip VI of a number of crimes, including murder and embezzlement. “Friends of the kingdom of Spain bombed hospitals while Juan Carlos went whoring with them,” he wrote in January 2018. One day’s imprisonment and a fine of 24300 euros. However, the agency’s appeals chamber reduced the sentence to nine months and one day because it believed that, although it had committed a convicted offence, the minimum penalty prescribed by law should be applied because its information had no “real risk” to the individual. The Supreme Court confirmed this decision in May 2020.

For the list of the signers, including Joan Manuel Serrat, Javier and Carlos Baden, Pedro Almodovar, Alberto San Juan, valtonic, Julian Hernandez, def con DOS, Montessori amondaliz, Jose Santiago, Frank T, Fernando truba, Emma Suarez, Luis tosar, Antonio de la Torre and other generations of musicians, groups, actors and filmmakers, Vitusta mora, Alba Flores, Ismail Serrano, Alvaro Mott, Paco Leon, Santiago othellon, Coca mella, isaki l’aquista, drugs, Willy Toledo, Pepe Viola, Christina Hett, Leiden, ska-p, tot king, Fermi muguruza or iziar iturino, “The imprisonment of Pablo Hassell has made the sword of Damocles more apparent over all public figures who dare to publicly criticize the performance of any state institution. This situation needs to be disseminated at the international level to highlight our current situation. We know that if we put Paul in jail, they can come to any of us tomorrow, so that they can calm down any dissenting sighs. ”

Finally, they said, “as representatives of the Spanish National Arts and culture, our signers are united in supporting Paul, demanding his freedom, and removing from the criminal code such a crime that would only impair freedom of speech, But freedom of thought and art. ”

Hasel was finally convicted in March 2015 for another act similar to two years’ imprisonment, and he was not imprisoned. Three judges of the first division of the criminal division of the National High Court now unanimously refuse to apply the benefit because they believe that The singer does not meet the “necessary conditions.”. Among them, this is his first conviction. In the order, the judges stressed that at the time of the incident, the previous sentence was in force and that since then, he has been sentenced to two final sentences for other acts. In 2017, he was convicted of resisting the authorities and the following year of breaking into a house.

In addition, in two pending appeals, the first criminal court of Leda sentenced Hassell to six months’ imprisonment in June for assault on a TV3 reporter at a press conference held in the president’s office of Leda University in 2016, another court of the University He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison and a 2400 euro fine for assaulting a man who testified in a trial that a Leda city guard official accused of assaulting a rapper’s minor friend was acquitted.