Juan Manuel Gil Won The Library Award For His Novel Mixed Humor And Nostalgia

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

He chased the ball as hard as he could on the track. This is an indelible image of the adolescence of Juan Manuel Gil, an almerian. In order to turn it into pure literature, he used an email that a writer received from a missing old friend as a catalyst to encourage him to tell about the adolescence of gangs in the peripheral areas, although he withdrew this point in a later letter. With this real scene and novel plot, no humor and imitation, and a place of nostalgia, he built Jill McKee Klein, a childhood lost in the suburbs. He won the 63rd short term library award, which collected and donated 30000 euros of Sikes Baral.

“The game between reality and fiction makes history a more comfortable place, a more interesting experience, and a powerful curiosity engine: ‘what I want to share with you is true, and it happens to me; if you’re with me, I’ll tell you,” says Jill (Almeria, In order to explain the mixed nature of his award-winning works, in an online literary citation, he had to give up one of his identity marks, that is, a collection of social behaviors of most people in the literary world. This does not prevent Enrique Vila Matas, one of the jury members, from commemorating the 1965 award-winning Juan Marcel. “If you’re going to focus on writing, try to have fun,” Vera recalls, “you killed a writer,” as fast as a stick, and maybe that’s why it’s sharp and complete. ”

In the early 1990s, a community near LA Almeria airport, with deserted beaches and the Bronx abandoned in the civil war, was the framework for four friends to run. They all had no names (narrator, “syncope” and “multiple organ failure”), except for Simon, who sent e-mail, The author will try to find clues. According to the jury, this exercise is always marked by “amazing flexibility and sense of humor” and is accompanied by reflection on the narrative and writing skills (whether it is necessary to bypass storytelling, extension, rhythmic art, etc.) of novelists, novelists, and underwater men, It has the same name as the last Royal play written by Jill two years ago. A bridge between reality and fiction also allows them to share their career as literature teachers and grow up in Almeria.

“The novel is offered as a manual on how to write a novel, which is a kind of imitation,” Gill said. Water (2019); in the middle, two books mix real life with reality: me and my father. United Nations West (2012, argaria Award) and hipstamatic 100. “Humor is probably the mother of all science,” Gill said. “For him, Spanish literature can’t be understood without humor, and only by looking at it from the perspective of some kind of mumps can he take on the game of identifying authors and narrators.”

In addition to the humorous umbilical cord, the clean wheat field shows us the life in the marginal area of an already marginal City, a physical, sociological and even moral remoteness. This is reflected in the airport and its expansion works, which is a constructive metaphor about the future ills of society. “I would also like to express how the political and economic imbalances reflected in real estate performance can produce very strong and unexpected changes. But he’s also how to be a place among teenagers that can create the most fascinating stories and adventures anyone can imagine, “he once again mixes reality with fiction.

Jill, who will print clean wheat on March 10, has a high share of 967 manuscripts because the foundation allows electronic transmission, which means more than 97% of Spain (56%) and Madrid (almost one in four originals), In an increasingly international process, the award is the result of new technology. The analysis of the participants in the 63rd short term library competition also shows that male writers account for an absolute majority (78%), and the so-called self or self fiction literature, biography and personal diary are dominant. Also, the imprint of the times, some climate change and the presence of coronavirus as the background.