Juan Ruiz Pardo, The Restorer Of The Murals Of Madrid Goya, Died

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Juan Ruiz Pardo, a mural expert, won the National Prize for the restoration and protection of cultural property in 2003 for his use of Goya murals in the Madrid seclusion in San Antonio De La Florida. He was found dead of a heart attack at his home in Madrid on Tuesday, February 2.

Born in valdepenias (Royal City) in 1947, it has been associated with the heritage restoration of the Spanish Institute of cultural heritage (now the Spanish Institute of cultural heritage) since 1965. He graduated from the Conservatory of Madrid, majored in murals, and won a scholarship from the Spanish Academy of Rome to study in the Central Conservatory of restoration.

After returning to Spain, he created many works of art in different materials: Roman glass, Greek and Iberian ceramics, Roman mosaics and murals.

Before working at the hermit’s home in San Antonio, Florida, he worked at the pantheon of San Antonio de Leon, the German Cathedral of San Antonio and Zaragoza pilar in Madrid (1996-1998).

Other notable interventions include the intervention in San Francisco El Grande de Madrid chapella, a mural created by Goya, Casado del alisal and other authors. This is a complex and discontinuous restoration, which lasted for 27 years and was completed in 2006, From 2008 to 2009, the frescoes of the Romanesque church of Santa Cruz de madrullo in pradone were restored. In 2011, he applied for retirement and spent most of his time in painting and photography. He was committed to protecting the heritage of others, which may alleviate the words left by Borges: “the goal is to forget.”.