The Comic Book Will Have A Preservation And Research Center In Valencia

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

The comic book has entered museums, but in Spain there is no public body dedicated to the protection, dissemination and study of its heritage. This is the purpose of the future centre, which will open early next year in an old building in Valencia’s Carmen district. Carson is already eligible for donations and loans (the first is a private collection of 3000 copies), as well as activities around tebeo, comics, comics or graphic novels, The last widely used label is certainly a very popular dilemma.

Alvaro Ponce knew it was an art. He devoted most of his life to him. The expert and director of Spain’s first chairman of comics studies, who is a professor at the University of Valencia, is fully involved in the new projects promoted by the municipality in cooperation with the academic institution.

He believes that the opening of the centre Valencia d’estadios I in the future preserves the legacy of the city’s comics. “Since the establishment of Valencia and Maga press, it has provided tebio for the whole of Spain in the 1940s”, which is the same in the past and now. He points out that the national comic awards set up in 2007 went to writers such as Paco Rocca (for wrinkles), Pablo oradel (lost paradise), Christina Duran, Michelangelo Gina, Laura barrest (day 3) and Anna Penas (we’re all good). He still remembers the generation that broke the mold in the 1970s and 1980s. They were made up of cartoonists from the so-called new school of Valencia, such as mihamut, Daniel Torres, Miguel kalatayoude, Mick Bertrand and sendo.

Valencia is a special breeding ground, which is rooted in Valencia’s deep-rooted tradition of murals and illustrations. Valencia is a solid plastic artist, such as the chronicle team or the reality team, who also devoted to drawing comics during the Franco period, Although they did not see the light, because they were condemned by the dictatorship.

However, the new centre has a national and international mission. It will have a route to focus on local production, but the purpose is not to limit its prediction or research object. In this regard, the country’s partner Ponce said that the planned cooperation with the French Museum of population comics in the European gender capital, anglema, is a model worth following.

Unlike museums, the Valencia Center does not hold exhibitions. The aim is to organize these activities in cooperation with other museums in the city, such as NAU, the Valencia Museum He polished it. Or my muvim or ivam. “Our idea is to connect the centre with angulema and the network of European and international universities that study comics,” he added.

“If all goes well, it will be operational by 2022. “Renovation work is in progress, but the building is in good condition with a variety of rooms and activity halls,” explained Maite IB รก niez, a member of the Council for cultural action. The three story building used to be the site of Valencia hiking center. On the first floor, a municipal library will be opened next month.

Ibanese also announced that a cooperation agreement will be signed with the university to implement the center, which will be different from the private caricature Museum in Badalona because of its public nature and research capabilities. “The center will provide special visibility for comic writers, which is also a very important tool to promote reading.”