Penelope Cruz, Etana Sanchez Gihon And Milena Schmidt Are The Protagonists In Pedro Almodova’S Parallel Mother

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

Penelope Cruz, etana Sanchez Gihon and Milena Schmidt. This is the trio of actresses Pedro Almodovar will support to embody the protagonist of his new film, parallel mothers, which will start shooting at the end of March. The first two don’t need much introduction. Cruz has worked with filmmakers six times. S á n Chez Gij ó n has been coordinating TV and drama for the past few years; since 2014, she has only starred in two feature films, thi Mai: to Vietnam and Alex’s tape, although she is one of the most popular and respected actresses among audiences, critics and peers. Milena Smith made her debut last year in David Victor’s film no mataris, in which she played the girl who led to the demise of the character Mario Casas.

Pedro Almodovar wrote in a press release announcing the news: “with parallel mothers, I am back to the world of women, back to the world of mothers, back to the family. I’m talking about the importance of ancestors and descendants. Memory is inevitable. There are a lot of mothers in my photography, and these mothers are part of this story. As a narrator, I am most inspired by the imperfect mother. Penelope Cruz, etana Sanchez Gihon and young Milena Schmidt will play three mothers in the film, starring Israel elijard. I also count on the cooperation of my dear Juliet Serrano and Rosie De Palma. Parallel mother will be a drama, intense. I hope so. ”

It is understood that part of the film will be filmed in Madrid and the other part will be filmed in Castilla Raman Cha, because in November, the autonomous region’s Governing Council approved 25000 euros in filming aid. The play focuses on the lives of two women who give birth on the same day, and their lives are very similar. The script was written by almodova during his confinement, when he had to give up adapting Lucia Berlin’s “women’s cleaning manual” because of the popularity. During this time, almodova also shot and premiered the voice of man, which is based on Jean Cocteau’s monologue, with Tilda Swinton as the main character. Cotto’s text is almost an excuse for a “chaos and revenge” story, which is a confessional exercise, “out of bondage; in fact, this short film will be all I have,” he told idol magazine, which released on October 21 on 111 screens in Spain.