The Curse Of Beautiful Tazio

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

Hungary, Poland, Finland… Luciano vicenti has been looking for his Tazio for a long time, an absolutely beautiful representative, a young man as cold as a statue, but his watercolor eyes, as Thomas Mann wrote, are the road to the intellectual destruction of Venice’s dead hero. Vicenti was obsessed with Mann’s story, intellectual death and perfect beauty. After his godson Miguel Bosse’s parents refused to let him play him, he traveled half of Europe to find his Tazio. He was the fifth or sixth boy to enter the room. She’s older than expected, 15 years old, higher. But it’s perfect. “I have no doubt it’s him,” the Italian director admitted at the Cannes Film Festival premiere a year later. Perfect. He didn’t let her undress in front of the camera for a minute. With these photos, the real evidence comes from vicenti’s own documentary, alla ricerza di Tadzio (1970), which started this weekend’s film, the most beautiful boy in the world, released at the Sundance Music Festival, It was held online from last Thursday to Wednesday, February 3. Vicenti is not the protagonist, but the boy, Bjorn Andreessen. 50 years after his death in Venice, he became a shriveled man with long hair and white beard, still unable to look directly into the camera.

It took Kristina Lindstrom and Kristian Petri five years to win BJ ó RN Andr é Sen’s trust, five years to accompany him and talk to him with a camera. “An incredible journey, BJ ó RN opens a new door to his life every time, inviting us to know more about him,” Petrie explains.

In the 16mm cast, young Bjorn jumps to his apartment in Stockholm, dirty, old, small. His girlfriend saved him from the 100th play in his life. The directors approached andreson, interested in the death of Venice, because the film and all the publicity that followed ruined his life. Vicenti’s words in Cannes, calling him “the most handsome boy in the world,” haunted him and robbed him of his happiness for decades to come.

Petrie found the photos at last year’s Cannes press conference and everything made sense. Vicenti talked about Bjorn as if he wasn’t ahead, although the young man didn’t understand how handsome the director told reporters in French. “The circus started there,” current Andreessen said as he reviewed the photos. “I’m scared. They look like bats around me.” After the premiere, he was taken to a gay club party. “I only remember the red velvet walls, the bright black paint, the greedy tongue…” That night, he drank and drank, so that he would no longer feel a piece of meat. He didn’t remember how he got back to the hotel.

“At first, I was silent. “He didn’t want us to make the film because his story wasn’t a happy one,” Lindstrom explained, “but he understood our vision when he realized that it wasn’t a traditional documentary and that we had a very cinematic idea of how to make it,” Petrie added. “Also, I think he saw an opportunity to tell his story, the story of Tazio has been bothering him, and now he can tell his story. We want to make movies with him, not with him. ”

From the death of Venice, to the embarrassing press conference in Cannes, to his trip to Japan – where he was bombed for weeks, drugged to continue recording records, photos, TV shows, and so on – this documentary has been exposed almost like a thriller; it’s not The materialization and dehumanization of a young man, or the defense of the dark consequences of sudden fame, is only the pursuit of the truth and identity of the man who has been locked in himself for many years. Vicenti fell in love with the fragile expression that a boy was broken by his mother’s disappearance and death, by a grandmother obsessed with him as a famous actor, denying his true happiness: music.

In this movie, andreson returns to the worst places in his life: Japan, Paris (where he is considered a “sex object” for a year, waiting for Malcolm Lee to make a film that never happened) or Venice, where he meets Tazio face to face at Lido Beach to say goodbye. Today, BJ ó RN Andr é Sen, 66, reconciles with acting and works regularly on film and television: in ari aster’s thriller midsomar (2019), he even regains the attention he never sought.