In The 18Th Century, The Inestras Palace Collapsed In Larioha

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

Hispanic Nostra, the Spanish Association for the preservation of historical heritage, condemned this 13 years ago. But their complaints were torn to pieces, and on Sunday, the palace of instras in the La Rioja collapsed. “It has become a fragment,” the agency succinctly points out.

Built in the 18th century on a rock throne, the building was listed on the red list of endangered sites in 2007. Their dwellings were dug with stones. The exterior wall is made of brick and stone, 12 meters wide and 20 meters high.

It has three floors. The next one is a special block. The first one is kitchen and room. The last one is Columbus. It’s part of other buildings in the area that make up a typical altomedivar village, “said Hispania Nostra. It belongs to Pedro Gonzales de castellan and Salazar, marquis Gonzales de castellan, the 18th century Navy Minister of Carlos III.

“The abandoned and destroyed Hispanic Nostra regrets this fact, which highlights the need for the sensitivity of educational and cultural authorities, public and private institutions, and society as a whole. The collapse of a building with high historical and heritage value in general indifference can not be regarded as a trivial matter. Our heritage is our culture, our history, and our attitude towards it must be respect, care, memory and attention, “complains the association.

Spain is the third UNESCO World Heritage country in the world, second only to China and Italy. As far as the missing palace is concerned, it is protected by the decree of 22 April 1949 and Law No. 16 / 1985 on Spanish historical heritage. useless.