The Leader Of The Bull Farm Cried Out In The Wilderness Against Shaving.

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

The National Association of bullring presidents (anpte), composed of more than 200 representatives of the authority, has launched a campaign to combat the fraudulent manipulation of bullhorns, known as shaving, but there is a lack of confidence in the effectiveness of this timely initiative.

The presidents expressed concern about the universality of this fraud, which, although seriously damaged the integrity of the program, has lost its importance in the demands of amateurs and is not in the scope of public attention.

But today, he shaved a lot. That, at least, is the view of Jose Luis Fernandez Torres, chief executive of anpte.

“We have come to a regrettable situation,” he said. “In the 1980s and 1990s, an average of 280 boa constrictors were tested per season, and in 2018, only six long haired bulls in the huska bullfight in August were suspected to be suspicious,” he continued.

Fernandez Torres stressed: “the audience doesn’t know the reality and doesn’t care. The fans are obviously in the minority, but this is an issue that must attract the attention of the government team, because the integrity of the bulls is the basis of the performance.”.

The presidents drafted a declaration, protocol and conclusion drawing attention to fraud and calling on the administration to take measures to prevent it.

The excuse is a three Pu bull, fighting in Madrid on June 3, 2018: tiznaola, No. 85, cardeno Claro, weighing 541 kg.

His Python was chopped up in the arena, which prompted his analysis, and the result was decisive: the bull was manipulated before the celebration. Madrid community confirmed positive shaving and fined 6000 euros.

Eduardo and Antonio Miura appealed against the fine, which was overturned by a decision of Madrid’s fourth Administrative Court on October 20, saying that El Toro had successfully passed the previous two inspections (in fact, he had fully arrived at the square), If there is subsequent tampering, it cannot be attributed to the farmers, because it is beyond their responsibility.

Anpte president said: “the bull was shaved, which was confirmed in the court decision.”. “The other thing is that the regulatory expectation is not met, that once bulls arrive in the square, they must be continuously monitored until they struggle,” he added. “Due to misconduct, the judge said the bull was manipulated, but he could not punish the rancher because the fraud could happen at any time in the square before he left the arena.”

According to anpte, the ruling “may create a dangerous vacuum in imputing responsibility for these bull mutilations, If different responsible governments and presidential teams do not establish new mechanisms and action agreements to maximize procedural enthusiasm and ensure the identity and integrity of the party. ”

“If this position is not taken,” continued anpte, “it is possible to establish an area of impunity for these crimes, and farmers will be forced to accept Mafia extortion of their animal shavings against their will, This will directly damage the party’s loyalty and integrity, which are the best guarantee for the party’s moral support and survival. ”

In this case, anpte president called on the public administration not to let Taurus helpless, and put forward a series of suggestions to avoid this situation.

most important of all:

-Revise the regulations to make the supervision and guardianship of farmers more clear.

-Establish a mandatory and random procedure to analyze the horns of bullfights or returning bulls, as the Basque government did in 2015, or as it has done in France since 2001.

-In the absence of available human resources, the current technology allows a comprehensive online monitoring of what is happening in the square fence and pigsty through cameras at a very low cost

-Distribute a recommended agreement to all participants in the Taurus celebration to prevent shaving fraud and urge them to faithfully abide by these agreements.

Jos é Luis fern á ndez Torres, anpte’s acting chairman, has little confidence in measures to eradicate bullfighting fraud. He complained that no representative of the Madrid community was present in the administrative proceedings filed by Miura and that he did not want to appeal the verdict.

“Shaving has always been there,” he said, “but we’ve gone from removing two centimeters of python, which is said to be poison, to using portable X-rays to see how much it can be cut so that it doesn’t touch the cuticle.”

In addition to the administrative decisions, Fernandez Torres also criticized himself and pointed out that not everyone was willing to sacrifice when he prepared to send boa constrictors for analysis and forced the team to stay in the square two hours after the celebration.

“There’s also a Tauren rule, Andalusia rule,” he concluded, “and it’s impossible to analyze a bull’s Python if it’s not handled under the responsibility of the rancher.”

Nevertheless, at least one voice in the desert is calling attention to the need to maintain the integrity of the bulls, which is the basic foundation of the party.