“We Have To Work And Everything Will Be Fine”: The Curtain Of Kamikaze Falls

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

“Now let’s take a few steps, grab the door handle, turn it, open the door, and go out. He will. We have to work and we will continue to work face to face. We have to work. He’ll be fine. ” This is the last sentence I heard on the stage of the parvenian kamikaze theatre on Saturday, delivered by actor Israel elejalde accompanied by directors Miguel del Arco, aitor Tejada and Jordi buxo, who have been directing the Madrid space since the summer of 2016.

In 2017, Pascal Rambert and Barbara Lennie performed “the closure of Amor” on the same table. The group has decided not to manage the space any more and has rescued it to bid farewell to the public. This is the last performance of kamikaze. The main reasons for the closure of the theatre were the economic crisis caused by the kovid-19 epidemic and the decrease in the number of spectators.

It was 9 p.m. and I was myself. It was a play about the true story of violinist Allen Lee who was kidnapped and tortured by his family after he admitted homosexuality. It was performed by Allen Lee, actress Veronica Ronda and pianist Gaby Goldman.

Since the kamikaze team started operating the theater, it has been a convention for the theater that one of the four partners welcomes the audience before the performance. This Saturday, they leave after the performance. Accompanied by the whole team, there are about 20 people in the seats, including ushers and technicians, Meeting rooms and administrative staff.

They don’t want to leave without saying goodbye, because the closure of the theatre affects not only the managers and artists of the theatre, but also the audience. Especially at this time, activities such as movies or performing arts almost exist as a kind of anti epidemic behavior. Then there’s music. Gaby Goldman plays the piano here and now, which is a theme on another show, Miguel del Arco’s “the world weary.”. It was created by arnau Vila specifically for this gathering, with arcuate letters, and became a kind of hymn that can be heard in all the celebrations of the kamikaze. The people on the arch began to sing, and the chairs in the yard trembled with applause.

This Saturday is not a celebration, but the atmosphere is not sad. On the contrary, the stage and seats are filled with exciting atmosphere, full of friends, peers and regulars. They include playwrights such as Pablo Raymond, Pablo messiz or Jose Padilla, and actors such as Christopher Suarez and Manuela bellasco. On December 21, the day it was announced that it would be the last show, the venue was sold out.

The farewell had already begun. First, the kamikaze sent a personalized email to each of their audience partners, which is a club subscriber who enjoys discounts and rehearsals or special events in exchange for annual fees: “we don’t hide that today is a sad day, but most importantly, We want to thank you for everything that kept us alive. We assure you that everything is worth it and we will not hesitate to do it again. You make us very happy. ” Many of them posted it on social media, leading to a whole day of information exchange.

So by noon, when the crew began to arrive at the theater and open the door to the audience for the last time, the mood had already begun to rise. When everyone gathered on a chair in the yard for a picture, it went up. They did the same before their first performance in September 2016 and wanted to repeat the ceremony. In addition to the National Drama Award in 2017, the average value of these two photos is also related to nearly five years of fighting, friendship and success.