Hans Rudolph Gunnsteinmeier, Decided To Become A German Collector For The Spanish

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

At the age of 28, Hans Rudolf gernstemaier (1934) decided that it was time to change his life completely and get rid of the monotony of the working class in his hometown. With 1000 pesetas (6 euros) in his pocket, he went to Madrid in 1962 under Franco’s dictatorship, but there, from the very beginning, he felt again, on his mother’s advice: never talk about religion or politics.

Through the German colonies, he established contacts with the major automobile companies in his country of origin (Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW) and established his own parts supply company (gernstemaier S.A.) in 1964, with 150 employees and 30 branches in Spanish territory. He sold the company in 2000, and since then he has been able to focus on the two passions of his life: gardening and art. The collector died early Saturday morning, according to his family.

Known among many friends as Rudolph, he speaks fluent Spanish and bought his first work with 5000 pesetas in a place full of antique shops in Madrid. He said he never got anything to speculate on, but to watch and enjoy. Her Madrid residence in chamatine and El boalo’s home are a real museum, where flamenco and Spanish artists live.

Two years ago, when he decided to donate 11 paintings of the most important artists in the late 19th century and early 20th century to the Prado Museum, his collection became very famous in Spain: Joaquin Solola, Aureliano de Belle, Augustine de gianjo, Dario de regoyos, Juan de echefolia, Herman Anglada camaraza, Eduardo ChicaRo, Ignacio zuroga and Joaquin mill.

Gainsmeyer did not comment publicly on his plans to collect more than 100 works. He has held 75 exhibitions in Spain and abroad. In return, he always asked to edit the catalog. In an interview with this newspaper, he said he had different offers to locate his collection, but he didn’t want to leave Madrid.

Do you think a new donation to the Prado Museum? The patron replied with a smile, “I’m almost 85 years old. I have no immediate family in Hamburg. There are no interested institutions from there. I insist that my motherland is Spain, and we will continue to show and loan. My latest work, panorama of the Church of Saint Guinness in Madrid, is now on its way to Venice. Let’s take a look at the rest. “