Sequoia Studio Seeks To Make “Fox” A Reference For Spanish Audio-Visual Production

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Money in production, but also in the ability to work with other companies – why not, squeeze out tax incentives. Of course, there is also the possibility of using the intellectual property rights that produce all kinds of products. In addition, the sequoy group, led by Raul berdones, launched a restructuring, integrating all production companies under the umbrella of sequoy studios, and giving the former US ambassador to Spain and former HBO Executive James Costas chairman and independence. According to bedonez, “we think of the Spanish speaking world,” not just in Spain, which is why they already have more than 1000 employees in their offices in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Miami and Los Angeles. It aims to achieve a turnover of 125 million euros in five years and produce 1500 hours of content by 2020.

Among his earliest and loudest bets, fox’s resurrection is considered an example of intellectual property (IP), which can be used all over the world. The hidden character of Diego de la Vega, a California aristocrat created by Johnston McCulley in 1919, is the property of John Gertz. In collaboration with secoya studios, he is developing a series directed by Javier Ruiz caldera and directed by Carlos Portela. As the studio’s fiction director David Martinez explains, he will look back on history. “We know we live in another era. Even if the role of Diego de la Vega appears as a hero under construction, there is an idea in the script: Fox is a concept, an inherited role, which is actually the role played by an Indian girl narin, so it will have a lot of female weight. ”

In this fiction department, Lesley Gill’s Spanish version of the school of the Americas is also preparing for the series; another project focuses on Jos é Luis mu ˊ Oz’s La loss del paradio, which tells the story of Christopher colon’s first trip to America, Another series by the Galician writer Domingo Villar, created by Commissioner Leo Caldas, has announced an adaptation of La Mala milk from ana m ü shell and henar Alvarez, and owns the copyright of Terra Alta, which has won Javier cercas’s planet

In terms of cost, “Spain has always been an important destination for international film production.”. In Los Angeles, he explained, “now, with the tax benefits approved last May, Spain and Spain are doing business. Now is the time for the Spanish audio-visual Renaissance.” Since the exemption, the momentum has been further elaborated in presentations by Jos é Manuel Gonz á lez, director general of management, and Javier Valero, head of tax incentives. “We’re not just producers, but with these incentives, we’re going to face co productions developed in Spain and serve the films that come here. We will be the process facilitator and provide assurance in all steps of production. ” They highlighted a sustained manifestation: the ambition to create intellectual property (IP), ideas that can be exploited in the audiovisual field, “always with international ambition.”.

In addition to the above projects, the novel director David mart í Nez also announced that the island will co produce with Guillermo amoedo on Easter Island in August, as well as the youth series camp Newton with Italy and Argentina, Shoot a platform in the Canary Islands, where you can see some unusual things happening in the summer camp. Another Horror Series, directed by Javier Ruiz caldera, will be directed by Morena films; another Horror Series, directed by Jaume Balaguer ó, will be starred and CO produced by La Casa de paper; Sequoia is working with Kevin grevioux (underground world) to develop a comic book that will later be a series about a Latin superhero. Sequoia’s unconventional series for Movistar is well known, directed by Emilio Martinez Lazaro, Marta Sanchez and oraz Arroyo. Almost no series has been announced for which platform or network production, even if they are for sale: trade secrets.

In the unscripted department, which consists of programs and documentaries, about 20 projects are in progress, including an English reality show about the adventure of the Beijing Express, as well as various documentaries with artistic, food and sports characteristics. Eduardo Escorial, who is in charge of this field, takes “the secret of the red” as an example and announced that he is working with pianist James Rhodes to produce a docuserie.

Finally, in the film industry, coordinated by Eduardo Campoy, congratulations on the premiere in the most difficult year. Until the end of the wedding, Dani de la order and super character makey worked with atrismedia to produce, Campoi announced that they will make about four new director’s movies every quarter (they have already made one, who are you traveling with, and your skin is on fire). They hope to soon release mom or dad, also from order, and shoot the test in the summer, again with Denny from order, and the heroine nearby. As future adaptations, they have a solo novel version by Paloma Bravo, as well as rain colored boots by influential figures Maria g. de Jaime and Tom á s parama.