Robert Wyatt And Alfie Benjy, 47, Art And Love

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

It is unfair to define Alfie Benjy as Robert Wyatt’s “Muse”, which has been repeated too many times. In their 47 years, he designed all the covers for their albums and wrote lyrics for their songs. The British artist, 80, is in charge of her finances in addition to her partner’s consultant. Now the 75 year old British musician retired for health reasons and is acting as a spokesperson.

She is an interviewer when they edit news about the couple, such as a record and a book. The first was his greatest Miss vinyl publication, a mythical collection of Japanese Wyatt songs, recorded between 1973 and 2003. “It’s a very eclectic approach. It’s the first time I’ve been in Robert’s job. He didn’t do it all, but I do think they were almost all the Roberts, “he explained by telephone from their home in rural England, where they lived together 30 years ago. The second version was a book, book after book, where they collected two letter letters with Alfie’s paintings.

“When we work together, we don’t work together, everyone does part of it and then puts it together, so we fight side by side (sort of like” fighting side by side “). We reached an agreement on the book. Half of the letters are yours and the other half is mine. But because I wrote less, I finished my part with pictures, “he explained.

The introduction to the book was written by one of his public fans, musician Jarvis Kirk. “We don’t know him. It was the publisher’s idea, but we like what he wrote, “Benji explained. The pulp mill leader recalled in the article that when he was in a car accident in the 1980s, he was in a wheelchair for several months and people began to talk about Robert Wyatt. Because Wyatt was a drummer for Canterbury sound band soft machine, he fell out of the window in 1973 when he was drunk and paralyzed from the waist down. He was 28 years old and then began his vocal career. A year later, he released his first album, a masterpiece called “rock bottom”, which laid the foundation for his style. Jazz Pop is one of the most moving voices of his generation.

Music also has a high political content. Rock bottom was published on July 26, 1974. The day Alfie and Robert got married was also the anniversary of the attack on camp Moncada, which triggered the Cuban revolution. Two keys to Wyatt’s life. Your relationship with Benji and your political commitment.

What’s the secret of 47 year marriage? “Honey,” Benjy replied after a few seconds of meditation, “is that it? “No,” he replied with a smile. “I think it’s about mutual understanding. You can put yourself on other people’s skin. It helps to be interested in the same thing. You have your fight, but I can’t imagine being with other people. I think we really like each other

They met a few years ago, remember? Robert’s ex-wife married Alfie’s ex boyfriend. “All my boyfriends are musicians because I love music,” he added. “The day I met him, I had a ticket for a weird concert. I asked him if he would like to go with me, he agreed, and then we’re here

The common interests he talked about included politics. “We have been fighting injustice, hatred, abuse and solidarity with the victims,” Benji said. This position led them to join the Communist Party. “We do this because labour seems to be more concerned with raising money than politics, and we have a very active group of Communists in London, who are also very good people. In the Communist Party, for example, you know you won’t meet any racists. When you interact with people from other parties, you can’t guarantee that no matter how civilized they seem. This is a very human group. ” It is shocking that they worship oppressive regimes like Mao Zedong’s China. “What is important to us is that our Communist comrades, who are much older than us, gave their lives for justice and equality without asking for anything in return, even though we know that this is not the case in Russia or China.”

Will Robert come back? “No, it’s impossible. He’s completely retired and no longer composes. He thinks comicopera (his last album released in 2007) is his perfect farewell song. He doesn’t even touch it. His shoulders are broken. He’s been in a wheelchair for many years. It’s hard for him to raise his arms. ”

You suddenly hear a man’s voice. How far is Robert? “Yes, wait.” “Hi! Hey, I’m not bad at all. I have my day. For example, I feel good today, “he said with a smile, without a chance to answer. You can hear the two of them joking, just like children in their 20s. “If you don’t mind if we leave him here, I’ll have to do something with this heavy thing,” Alfie said No, not at all.