David Kronenberg: “I Believe In The Superiority Of Digital Cinema”

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

In 1996, David Cronenberg (77, Toronto) premiered the movie crash, which was adapted from the novel J.G. Ballard of the same name. He knew the track of the two creators so well that he could not imagine a more consistent alliance. It seems that there are two emotions between the writer and the filmmaker. They are destined to meet in an exciting confrontation, which will connect the fate of Ballard and Vaughn, A mysterious character, obsessed with the sexual power released in traffic accidents, and the fetishistic charm of wounds produced in the obscene communication between body and metal. However, Ballard and Cronenberg did not fall in love at first sight. “I didn’t read anything from him when he published crash. “I know who I am, but I’m not close to his work yet,” the filmmaker said on the phone from his Vancouver home to the state. “It was producer Jeremy Thomas who proposed to adapt the novel in the 1980s. I started reading it, and I didn’t like it at all, so I gave up reading it. I didn’t like her strange clinical style at all, and I told Jeremy I didn’t want to get used to her. In fact, Thomas and I became friends, and a few years later, I started reading again. At that moment, I realized that Ballard’s work was brilliant, and in a sense, I understood the novel in a way that I had never achieved before. Then I told Jeremy that if he continued to be interested in producing it, I would be willing to adapt to it, “he explained.

Now “crash” is back on the screen of 4K version, just like a light criminal, his body is polished, and his 25th anniversary of victory begins. “4K allows us to get the best movie version. This is not only a problem of image texture, but also a problem of sound design, because in our era, we only have a stereo mix, and now sound engineers have been able to complete an excellent work to obtain a surround effect, metal and mechanical. I’m not a celluloid fan. I firmly believe in the advantages of digital cinema. ”

They are from… (1975), the first commercial feature film in Canada, which was released in the same year that British J.G. Ballard (1930 Shanghai London, 2009) published his influential novel skyscraper. In these two works, many people find some kind of supernatural brotherhood. This film seems to be impossible to adapt in chronological order. Ballard continues to use this book to study the psychopathology of daily life that he began to explore at the exhibition of revolutionary atrocities in 1970. “It gives the impression that we are all responding to the same spirit, that we understand something that was not so obvious to the rest of society at the time,” kroneberg said. “I know nothing about his work, and of course he doesn’t know my work. We synchronized the antenna at the same wavelength and received the same type of signal from the atmosphere at that time. In retrospect, it’s easy to see the similarities between skyscrapers, they come from the inside… But there is no influence between us; we just let ourselves be influenced by the times. ”

The similarities between Ballard’s and Cronenberg’s trajectories are not over. Their early creation steps were carried out within the general framework of science fiction, with obvious heresy mark. But at some stage of his career, the writer began to develop his novels in the strict present, using a slightly distorted realistic record. Gradually, Cronenberg’s films also give up his new body poetics, not to betray himself, but to continue to talk about the same things in films like m. butterfly (1993) and spider (2002), which are difficult to be classified in general, History of violence (2005), the promise of the East (2007), the dangerous way (2011), or cosmopolis (2012).

Krasch won a special jury award at the Cannes Film Festival, but Cronenberg recalled that the media response was neither consistent nor friendly. “This novel is very famous. It was published more than 20 years ago. I never thought it would cause such a heated debate. Film Festival director Giles Jacobs told me that he arranged the film in the beauty contest because he wanted it to explode like a bomb. I think it’s a benign exaggeration, but I’m right. The press conference was extraordinary. We’ve been attacked a lot. One critic said he loved the book, but the film was untenable. Ballard interrupted, saying no, the film is much better than the original. It’s a very generous gesture. When you show a movie, the worst thing can happen to you, no one cares, no response, “he recalls. 25 years later, there seems to be no doubt about the excellence of crash, because the filmmaker is preparing for adaptation, and he still doesn’t know whether it will appear in the form of a movie or a TV series. His first novel, which he thought after the premiere of star map (2014), is still in doubt Retreat is his only destination.