Cruise Lichtman Died, Oscar Won The “Last Film” Award, And Mrs. Blucher Died In Young Frankenstein

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

There seems to be no end to clos lichman’s career. She started working in the audio-visual industry in 1949 and won Emmy Awards (she worked with Julia Louis Dreyfus and Oscar, British Academy of film… She has appeared in a series of mythical films such as girls and Malcolm on TV, as well as films such as women’s secret and two men and one destiny. In the last film, she hisses every time she hears the name of the character played by young Frankenstein (Mrs. Blucher). At the age of 82, he danced with the stars. In the cinema, you can still hear the original version of Claude like your grandmother. Miss Chicago in 1945 was also good. She ranked in the top 16 of the Miss America beauty pageant in 1946 and defended her candidacy with a funny number. With his death on Wednesday, the 27th, at the age of 94, at his home in Encinitas, California, his photography is not over: he is still waiting for the premiere of “San Riko” to be remembered.

Her appearance in the beauty contest after World War II has always been an anecdote for a woman who always wanted to be an actress. She didn’t become a star until she was in her 40s. Interestingly, Peter Bogdanovich’s latest film, Texasville, also appeared in her sequel, worse film, which boosted her career. Born in 1926 in Des Moines, Iowa, his father worked in a family logging company. As she became Miss America, she won a scholarship and studied with her in the Acting Studio, where she made Elia Kazan a teacher. That’s why in the late 1940s, with Katharine heppern as the protagonist, she began to appear on Broadway as she wanted. In the 1950s, he combined stage with TV series (Alfred Hitchcock’s performance, little girl, suspense) and various films, such as fatal kiss or betrayal of the motherland starring Paul Newman. With Newman, I would repeat two people and one destiny (1969).

In 1971, she appeared in her last film, which gave her a better television role, where she was a 22 time Emmy candidate. His role in the TV girl Phyllis Lindstrom won twice, which was so successful that Phyllis had his own series; he also won a couple for Malcolm’s singles, and he won them for his work in the promised land… He got nine points in all. The last time he competed for the award was with hope in 2011. In the film, he replayed Miss rebellious (1974) with Bogdanovic and worked under Mel Brooks three times: young Frankenstein (1974), extreme anxiety (1977) and crazy world history (1981). In this huge movie, there are a lot of bad movies and some more attractive comedies, such as dinerolandia’s hillbilly, the saboteur family or Spanglish, directed by James L. Brooks, one of the writers of TV girl.