Writers And Journalists Call For The Protection Of Culture From Major Technological Events

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

A meeting of the Spanish writers and writers’ Association on Wednesday called on the Ministry of culture to “recognize” mandatory collective management as a defense for large technology companies when it adjusts Spanish law to Article 15 of the digital single market Copyright Directive. On behalf of more than 6000 authors, the group issued a declaration demanding that the copyrights recognized in the directive be “irreversible”. According to EFE cultural sources, Minister Jos é Manuel Rodr í Guez Uribes has been working in this area “for several months” and will continue to do so in meetings with affected departments in the coming weeks.

Cultural awareness of the existence of “different positions” emphasizes that they are committed to three principles: “protecting copyright, no one dominates, promoting information pluralism, press freedom and protecting the Spanish information ecosystem”.

The conference of the association of Spanish writers and writers, entitled “copyright declaration for writers, journalists and other authors”, points out that Article 15 of the European standard provides for a “relevant” right in favour of news publishers with the participation of authors, who use digital media Some information services, such as aggregators and search engines. ” Spain must incorporate new legislation into its legal system by June 7.

In this regard, the association participating in the meeting recalled that the directive “recognizes journalists, writers and rights holders of works, as well as other interests in press publications, that is, an appropriate share of the revenue that publishers receive under this right”. Therefore, they demand “recognition of the mandatory collective management of this right, taking into account its irrevocability”, as the “only way” to realize this right.

“Many writers work with journalists and other authors, working with the news media, to publish articles that information society services (such as aggregators and search engines) use on the Internet without authorization or payment of any amount,” they explained. In order to correct what they call “infamous unfairness”, Article 15 of the European Copyright Directive 2019 gives news publishers a new relevant right. “From now on, these digital uses must be authorized by the author. In addition, the directive recognizes that journalists, writers and right holders of works, as well as other interest holders in news publications, have an appropriate share of the revenue received by publishers under this right. ”

That’s why this new right becomes a reality that “transparent management is needed for everyone,” that is, tariffs, taxes and transactions are “open and transparent” and “free from pressure from large technology companies,” which use their content for their online business.

The writers and Writers Association conference is a national coordinating body composed, inter Alia, of the College Writers Association (ACE) and its autonomous department ace translators, writers and Playwrights (AAT).