C. Tangana Recruited Kiko Posino, Andres Caramaro And Jorge Drexler For His New Album

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

“It’s out of control. I have to stop working together because I’ll never finish this album, “C. tangana said in a report about her producer alizz a few weeks ago. Today, everyone invited to participate in the February 26 release of the new work “Madrid people” knows. It’s a broad and eclectic list.

Some participants: Andres caramaro, Kiko posino, Jorge Drexler, Jose Feliciano, Gypsy king, Eliades Ochoa… There are also songs that he’s been working on and will be included in the album: Hungarian and Elche’s children (you don’t love me anymore) and tocquenio (ate everything you have). There are two other themes in the album that have emerged in 2020: I’ve never been with too many women. This means that four of the 14 songs in the madridian have been released.

With this squad, C. tangana made a plan. He played a lot with sticks. For example, he recruited undoubted Spanish music legends such as Kiko poison and respected veteran musicians such as Andres Calamaro or Jorge Drexler. The quota for new talent is borne by Mexican ed triviata, 20, or American Omar Apollo, 22.

He has rescued Latin American music veterans such as Eliades Ochoa (74), a Cuban, Jose Feliciano (75), a Puerto Rican, and tocquenio (74, Brazil), who was confirmed a week ago. The gypsy King’s ethnic contact may be the most popular band in flamencollemba. Another attraction, if not, is to listen to Jose Feliciano and Elche’s children (who play a dual role in the song) together.

“The madridians” may be the most anticipated album of Spanish pop music in 2021. Whether it’s the influence of the songs that have been published (especially you don’t love me anymore, which is the most popular song in Spain in the last few weeks of 2020), or the media exposure of C. tangana, as well as the cover of magazines like icon, all have great expectations for her figure.

Here are 14 songs from this album and collaboration

1) Too many women

2) You don’t love me anymore

3) Eat your whole toquinho

4) I never have

5) Stand in front of me with ED maverick

6) With the king of Gypsy, Nicholas Reyes and TONINO barado, it was impossible to manage

7) The nomination of Jorge Drexler

8) United Nations poisons with Jose Feliciano and Nino de Elche (g-mix)

9) You forgot to be with Omar Apollo

10) Jealousy of Elijah, Dioscorea

11) Change! Karin Leon and adril slums

12) When will I forget Pepe Blanco

13) A fool with Kiko poison

14) Hong Kong and Andres caramaro