Actors Think The Latest Aid Is Not Enough Because They Ignore Its “Intermittence”

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

From March 14, 2019 to 2020, actors who work 20 days or more on the same day can get new government benefits. Another person who does this from the start of the alert will lose aid. On Thursday, the actors’ Union issued a statement claiming that the measures recently adopted are not enough because they show that “they do not understand the particularity of their work, that is, intermittence, which has nothing to do with the status of artists.”. The text states that the government will only extend the application period to these benefits, “only those who have obtained and consumed these benefits in 2020 (compared with 2019) can apply for these benefits again until May.”.

The same month, in 2020, the government issued a royal decree allowing actors and actresses who contributed to the artist scheme to receive benefits. In a telephone conversation, I nianaki Guevara, Secretary General of the trade union, explained that in order to make demands, they had to adhere to a national public employment service (SEPE), which was saturated with eltes and Paro and knew little about the artist system. A new problem is that anyone who starts working from an alarm will feel helpless. In the document, the union condemned that “all artists working in the difficult months of the epidemic, at the cost of their health, will not consider the offer date since March 2020.”

For actors unions, the solution is not to create a single benefit, but artists need to be able to collect quotes in order to get that protection many times when they are not active. Guevara called for recognition of the intermittence of protecting actors, because “everyone – from the most recognized people to those who have just joined – has been working for several seasons.”.

The Secretary General of the trade union specially pointed out: “subsidies are for survival, but benefits come from contributions, which is a right.” He acknowledged that the performing arts were “shaking” due to possible timing constraints on the covid-19 and needed further government cooperation. “What we are asking for is the DNA of the artist’s identity,” he criticized the measures to protect the Department, saying that although they are linked to the Ministry of Finance and labor, they are “segregated” from the Ministry of culture.