Big Bubble Concerto

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Only a psychedelic personality like Wayne Cohen (60) can do this. The singer from the rock band flag lips has been doing the following on his show for nearly 20 years: he goes into a huge bubble, throws it at the public, and blows it all over the floor. What if the audience also fell into a huge bubble?

That’s the birth of the space bubble show, with two concerts in his city, Oklahoma City. The organization is working on the problem. It’s going to be 100 balls, and each ball can hold three people. Of course, the band will be in the balloon. Each bubble will be equipped with the following equipment: a concert speaker, a bottle of water, a battery fan and a towel.

If I want to pee? A signal, a member of the organization will come to escort the audience, wear masks and go to the bathroom. How long can three people stay on that ball before the oxygen runs out? One hour and ten minutes. The recital went well, and it turned out to be a party, and the band’s Classics sounded like you did? His new work, American head, was published in January 2020, and his tour was suspended due to coronavirus.

There has never been a psychedelic song in such a psychedelic place. “It’s a strange, restricted concert, but it’s an adventure for everyone. We can enjoy live music again, “he told rolling stone Cohen, who even came up with a shocking ending: people rushed to the door, and as soon as they got there, he zipped back home. It’s not clear whether this formula applies to live music that coexists with viruses: it’s too complex and expensive.