Ten Meatless Pasta Recipes On Monday

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

If you’re the person who starts cutting back on carbohydrates throughout the year to offset Christmas excess, forget it. Nutritionists recommend not removing any micronutrients from your food, but they also recommend eating unrefined carbohydrates, etc. In fact, this year’s second meatless Monday cookbook focuses on spaghetti, especially vegetable filled spaghetti.

We have to say that you will see that in all kinds of recipes, we use truffles (truffle black spores), truffle butter, truffle oil… But remember that if you don’t have these ingredients, you can ignore them (although we are in truffle season and just after Christmas, you may have some), You can also use other seasoning oil or butter that you like, or some spices and herbs, which can also be well matched, because there are many things that can be well matched with spaghetti and other foods.

Here are 10 meatless pasta recipes for Monday. Our main recommendation is to use fresh pasta, which can be made or purchased. We include some simple carneron and lasagna, because it’s somehow spaghetti, although there’s a different version that you’ll see, and we suggest you try it because it’s delicious. You know, to get a recipe for these dishes step by step, you have to click on the name on the photo.