Plain Bowl Cake With Chocolate Sauce And Chips

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

When you don’t have enough time to make a cake or just don’t want to turn on the oven, as most people do in summer, a good way is to make a piece of cake in the microwave oven and a separate cake in a cup or bowl, which you know are called Muggle omelets and bowl cakes They can be ready in five minutes, and there are many recipes for these cakes or microwave cakes on the blog.

Today, we want to share another one. It’s a bowl-shaped vegan cake that is easy to make. It has chips and chocolate sauce on it. Everyone will like it. In fact, I’m vegan, which doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for those who live that kind of life and diet. It just doesn’t bring eggs or milk, Honey… It’s a very simple recipe and a win-win combination for everyone who likes chocolate and banana flavors, because by the way, if this fruit is very mature, you can use it to make cakes. Do you want to try?

Put oatmeal and chemical yeast in a food processor and crush them into powder. Then add 50 grams of banana slices, vegetable drinks and vanilla extract and crush again.

Finally, add the peeled hemp seeds and crush them for a few seconds to make them thinner, but not completely. Pour the preparation into a microwave bowl and add the dark chocolate drops or tablets.

Put the bowl in the microwave so that the cake can be baked at maximum power for 60 seconds (some have 800 watts, some have 1000 watts, both good).

When making a bowl of cake, prepare the sauce, mash the bananas into a paste with a fork, add coconut oil and cocoa powder, and mix well until the sauce (a little thick) is even.

Place oats, bananas and chocolate cake on the dessert plate and garnish with chocolate sauce. You can add some fresh fruit or nuts to add color and more healthy nutrition. Enjoy yourself!

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