Rice With Coconut Milk, Cabbage And Pomegranate

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

In addition to sharing our favorite vegetable rice recipes with you, we also want to challenge you to prepare rice for your guests. Of course, the challenge is to have someone at home who doesn’t like vegetables, especially broccoli. Well, with this plate of coconut juice, cauliflower and pomegranate rice, it’s easy for them to change their mind, taste it and tell us.

This is a very simple recipe that can be ready in half an hour, and we assure you it will surprise everyone. It’s a broth or fragrant rice (depending on how much is reduced), and we make it with fragrant rice, in this case busmati. We also added some spices, a good homemade vegetable soup, coconut milk, steamed broccoli, and some pomegranate seeds to make the freshness explode and contrast with the interesting taste. We hope you can try to make a fragrant rice with coconut milk, cauliflower and pomegranate. If you want to make it a little spicy, please add some curry sauce or chili sauce without hesitation.

Wash the basmati rice and place it in a pan with water (the ratio of dry rice specified by the manufacturer) and salt. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and cook until the rice is dry and loose. The reservation is blocked.

Wash the cauliflower, separate the flowers, put them in a silicone box and steam them in the microwave. If so, steam them. In this article, we explain how to make cauliflower in the microwave.

Heat a pan over a little extra virgin olive oil, chop the previously peeled scallions and chopped ginger over a low heat, then add the chili sauce, rotate a few times, add cooked rice and lemon grass.

Wet with vegetable broth and coconut juice, add some chopped fresh coriander leaves, turmeric, black pepper and salt, mix well, bring to a boil, cook for a minute or two, add broccoli twigs and remove from the heat. When you prepare pomegranates and black sesame seeds, put them in an oiled pan.

Serve the rice with coconut juice and broccoli, sprinkle a few pomegranates, roast black sesame seeds and a few pieces of coriander, and then season with a few drops of sesame oil. Enjoy yourself!

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