In The Next Few Months, The Uk May Ban The Import Of Foie Gras.

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

For several years, some animal organizations have been striving to achieve the goal of stopping the import of foie gras from the UK, but the possibility of becoming part of the EU is the obstacle to this goal. Now, after brexit, a decision to ban foie gras is likely to be made in the next few months, at least with the assurance of the country’s animal welfare minister.

Let’s remember that at present, the production of this product is prohibited in the UK, but about 200 tons of foie gras are still imported from other countries every year, mainly from France. Therefore, after leaving the EU, the animal protection organization saw the possibility of achieving its goal and stepped up its activities, In fact, peta has launched an active campaign against the import of food believed to be the result of cruelty and cruelty to animals.

The campaign was based on the collection of 20000 signatures and the submission of a petition to the Secretary of state and Minister for environment, food and rural affairs against the suffering of ducks and geese involved in the production of foie gras, defining the product as “canned torture”, It’s a mean food, so it’s necessary to close the border for trade, and you can read the petition here.

Now, the minister talked about the ban, and if there is really legislation on this issue, the import and sale of foie gras will be banned in food and restaurants, which may not be for those involved. The minister seems determined to implement the measure. He announced on twitter that he thinks foie gras is an intolerable barbaric product. He said it’s hard to imagine that anyone would see his production process and like to eat foie gras.

In any case, it’s too early to make sure foie gras is banned because the UK’s trade relationship with the EU has been established. As we can see here, the government is considering other measures for Foie Gras (which indicates that some kind of agreement has been reached on this product), so it is not clear whether this measure is really introduced, Maybe to please the middleman of the animal group.

A similar situation could happen in California, where a 16-year ban and revocation lawsuit ended with the lifting of the foie gras ban. Of course, in other American cities, such as New York, they have so far successfully passed laws banning foie gras, giving producers, food stores and restaurants a three-year transitional period, which may also happen in the UK.

Economic and political interests are very important. Leaving the EU does not mean that Britain has liberated its hands, We will soon know whether this legislation will be introduced and whether lawsuits will be brought against those who are interested in continuing to import and supply this food in order to repeal it.