Garlic Sauce Made From Badano Pomegranate Juice And Nuts

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

You have to forgive us, because in this recipe, we have to take a picture that says “heart” because it’s the grace of these stuffed Nioki ripini or Nioki. But if you haven’t tried this product yet, think about it, because you may have seen them in more than one supermarket. Dumplings are like traditional dumplings, but the contents are bigger. You can make or buy noodles with different ingredients, which are seasoned.

Although we always advocate doing as much as possible in our kitchen, our pace of life is not always possible, so occasionally we can turn to products to enable us to complete food in less than half an hour, just like these muffins, as we repeat at some time, we will take pictures of you. Anyway, you don’t have to wait to taste these balsamic garlic sauces made with bardano pomegranate sauce and nuts, because you’ll love them.

Before you cook noodles, start preparing sauces because they cook very fast. To make the sauce, put a pan with cream, onion sauce, garlic powder (you can make it at home), five peppers and salt (no more than, because the cheese is salty).

Bring to a boil, then lower the heat until the sauce thickens and move on. During cooking, you can add chopped nuts and about 40 grams of grated or chopped padanograna cheese, because it will melt and blend together.

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Put the garlic in a pan and put them in the sauce. You can also season with some extra virgin olive oil. When you take them out of the drained water, put them on a plate and season them. Garnish with basil leaves and remaining rascal cheese. Enjoy yourself!

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