Monday’S Eight Course White Rice Recipe

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

If you have some cooked rice in the fridge, whether it’s because you missed some food, or because it’s part of the popular batch cooking now, or if you just want to eat white rice as a basis, because you’ll feel good after the weekend, you like it, it will feed you, and you may be interested in the cookbook you’re going to see Next, especially if you want to be on Monday (meatless Monday) or in the case of vegetarians, follow the campaign to reduce meat consumption.

Under these headings, you have a variety of suggestions to choose foods for today or any day of the week, because even if the title of this article is eight white rice recipes without meat on Monday, you can always exclude meat or fish from your food if you want to reduce the consumption of animal derived protein, There are other sources of protein to meet the nutritional needs of this macronutrient. Anyway, in this recipe, not all dishes can provide protein (but most dishes can provide protein), we just want to give you some ideas to enjoy a white rice vegetarian dish.

If you need some ideas to consume plant protein and thus reduce animal protein (except milk and eggs), we can recommend some nutritionist / nutritionist books that will help you organize your diet and know that beans, nuts, seeds… Will provide you with this great amount of nutrition. In any case, please pay attention to this recipe and try our white rice recipe (usually some aromatic rice, such as busmati, jasmine, Thailand… Because they don’t need too much to provide delicious taste), because they will let you enjoy.