How To Fry Garlic In The Air

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

We’ve told you before that we don’t do “batch cooking” at home, but when we turn on the oven to cook, we do use something to spend a week, even though we don’t turn on the oven every week, Especially because we have air fryers or oil-free fryers (also known as airfryers), with which we can reduce cooking time and energy consumption. But one of the things we usually do in the oven is to use roasted garlic heads to enrich sauces and dishes.

In fact, we shared with you a recipe for roasted garlic more than 10 years ago… How long have we been with you, right? There are more than 10. We know that not everyone who reads these lines will follow us from the beginning of food and company, but everything we share is in the file. If you want to see our roast garlic recipe, you can click here. Today, we want to tell you how we do it, and now work harder to bake garlic in the air.

If you want to know the use of roasted garlic, we have a few ideas on the blog. For example, in this article, you have 12 recipes for roasted garlic, but you can find more by using search engines. I’m sure you’ll repeat them when you taste them, so you can start by looking at how to roast garlic in an air fryer.

Remove the outermost skin of garlic, but not all the skin attached to the teeth. If you can’t take it off, wash it and dry it. Do the same thing with the garlic you want to bake.

You can cut the garlic in half, or just cut the bottom (where there is no knot) into a lid, so that the garlic can be seen. In this case, don’t throw away the garlic that has been chopped and loosened. Take it back in any recipe. This time we cut their heads in half, even though one of them might lose teeth.

Season garlic with salt and extra virgin olive oil. If necessary, add some fresh rosemary slices and wrap the head individually in aluminum foil. Place them in an air fryer and program at 180 ° C for 15 minutes. The time may vary depending on the power of the oil-free fryer.

After this time, check the cooking of garlic. If they are tender, otherwise leave them for a few minutes. After the garlic is cooked, if you want to stain them, open the tin foil and expose the garlic teeth to the air. Cook for another two minutes or so until you see their discoloration.

When garlic is “fried” or baked without oil (the fryer acts as an air oven), you can use it according to the recipe you want, or you can put it in a covered jar or Taber in the refrigerator until you use it. Enjoy yourself!

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