Easter 12 Recipes. Pickle Menu

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

Times have changed, society has changed, and the traditional Easter or Easter dishes in the past may now be just dishes made and enjoyed at will. These days, dietary restrictions have not been solved as our elders did. However, some foods, ingredients, recipes… Many of us are related to Easter, such as cod, chickpeas, spinach, mutton… It depends on what they pass on to us and the customs of each region.

Over the past few years, we’ve shown you a compilation of recipes that contain these ingredients, such as cod recipes or chickpea recipes. We should suggest that you review them again, because there are some delicious dishes you can’t miss, but we also hope to bring some new dishes to your recipes, which is why today’s Sunday collection is called Easter 12 recipes. Salty recipes.

In this collection, you won’t find traditional recipes, but some of the raw material recipes mentioned above, which are available on many tables during Easter, and we have also added some cooking of other cultures.

Let’s make way for recipes and hope they satisfy you, because you know you can connect photos and paintings in the usual order, from left to right, from top to bottom.

Cod Pie: it’s a classic recipe, but we love it all the time of the year. There are many versions of COD pie, we suggest you try this one, and of course, we’d love to receive your recommendation.

Chrain: chrain is a traditional Jewish Passover recipe, usually eaten with other foods such as fish and eggs. Two versions are known, one of which is beet, which is very good.

Olive oil muffin: This is a kind of sour bread, the traditional Jewish Passover unleavened flat bread. It is also known as muffin or muffin. It is the so-called “free bread” or “pain bread”. In the recipe, we explain why. It’s easy to make and it’s delicious.

Cod with chickpeas, raisins and pine nuts: cod with chickpeas, you’ll like it. The ingredients are convenient and the preparation method is simple. So rich, you’ll repeat.

Chickpea and Coconut Shrimp cold soup: this Easter is later than we are used to, so there will be some places where the weather is closer to summer, and you will like cold dishes, such as this refreshing and nutritious Chickpea Soup.

Cod with orange juice, onion and boil: a main course with very elegant cod is new for you, but there’s a taste in your library. The combination is delicious and simple to make, so please pay attention to the recipe.

Cod with potatoes and salmon sauce: This cod recipe is a recipe that can be used as a resource at any time. Grilled fish keeps juicy, French fries, grilled tomatoes and garlic sauce with salmon sauce are combined in this dish. This combination is a conquering taste explosion.

Cod and balandra sauce: balandra sauce is a traditional Catalan sauce made by fishermen to make their food more delicious. It is rich in nuts, bread, garlic, broth, extra virgin olive oil, chili powder… It is not only an ideal choice for stew, but also an ideal choice for sauce.

Navarin mutton and spring vegetables: Navarin is a traditional dish of French cuisine and a typical Easter dish, which we call stew. In this case, it is made from spring vegetables, including new potatoes, radishes, carrots, peas, mung beans… There are many varieties.

Tajin mutton and carrot rosemary: you don’t need mutton to serve a delicious plate, you can invite it to dip in bread or suck your fingers (or both). With tajin, you know it’s cooked over low heat and tastes strong. You can try this easy to make recipe with only three or four ingredients.

Roast lamb leg: there are thousands of ways to prepare roast lamb, from the most basic way of cooking with juice and fat (perhaps steam) to the most diverse combination of spices and herbs. This is a good suggestion.

Mutton with cumin steamed rye flour and honey fruit: This is a very complete dish, which surprised those who like the combination of salty and sweet taste. Mutton is a good contrast to this, as are steamed rye flour and chickpeas.

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