Chili Cod Omelet, A Simple Recipe, Very Delicious

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

Cod omelette is a traditional Spanish dish, especially Basque, which is usually served in Apple stores and other hotels. It is considered a typical lent recipe, although it is now available at any time of the year, and, like any classic cuisine, it’s very popular, There are many versions of it, and we’ll give you ours. This is a cod omelet, and of course onions.

You can also make your traditional cod omelet. Maybe you prefer the omelet without pepper, or leeks and some potatoes… As for cooking, although it’s usually a half baked omelet, we don’t like it. We prefer the curd omelet. It’s just as juicy and delicious More secure. So, if you don’t know what it is yet, because you’re going to make a cod omelet for the first time, follow the recipe we’ll tell you below, because it even likes children.

In this regard, we have to say that if children don’t want to eat chili cod omelets, and you like spicy ones, you can add a chili pepper to the onion sofa and remove it before adding cod. And COD, although in this case we get from cod crumbs that we’ve desalted, can also use a surplus of another recipe, in fact, it seems to be the traditional approach.

Peel the onion and cut it into feathers or thin Juliana. Wash the pepper, take out the pedicels, seeds and filaments, and cut them into a thinner Juliana. Peel the tender garlic and cut it into thin slices. If you’re desalinating, drain the COD and dry it with a absorbent napkin.

In a large saucepan, heat with a little extra virgin olive oil. Add onion, pepper and Ajit, sazona and poca. Simmer until smooth, almost candied. Then turn the heat a little higher to make the vegetables golden, and take them out of the pan. There shouldn’t be too much oil, so try not to add too many onions, which will also help digestion.

Put the eggs in a bowl, add some salt (according to the salt point of COD), then mix the cod with pepper and onion, and stir well.

Heat a 20 cm diameter pan with a super virgin olive oil line. When it is heated, place the omelette in a medium heat, cover the pan and let it solidify. The heat reaches the top.

When you see that it’s semi curd, you can turn it over and make it with a plate or a rotating omelet, just as you usually do with potato omelets, curd and Dora omelets. Well, cook it to the point that your diners like.

This is a new cod omelet, although we’ve pointed out that it’s for two people. If you use it as an appetizer, it can be for four or six people. It’s very delicious and everyone wants to repeat it. Enjoy yourself!

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