You Cook Today: Doughnuts

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Easter is just around the corner, and we already know how much it affects the food tradition, whether it’s salty or sweet. Anna, the author of the blog “syrup of the heart”, wants to share in your column the sweet recipe you made today. The picture above has doughnuts, right?

Well, notice, because they’re easy to make, although interesting, it also explains how to make these doughnuts or doughnuts in Thermomix and traditional ways. Now, in a traditional doughnut, doughnut, or doughnut, don’t stop trying almond and candier doughnuts. Good days waiting for candy…

Put 150 grams of sugar into Thermomix’s cup and spray it at a rate of 5 to 10 for 30 seconds. We put the orange and lemon peel into the jar and reprogrammed at the same time. Take the sugar off the wall and cover it.

Add egg, orange juice, fennel and olive oil, stir for 15 seconds, speed is 5. Add flour, yeast and soda, stir for 10 seconds, speed 6, and then program a 1 minute closing speed. Leave the dough in a glass for half an hour.

Dip a little extra virgin olive oil on a flat surface of a table or plate and remove the extra by hand. Grab the dough ball with your oiled hand, make a hole in the middle, and place each doughnut on the surface to rest it (you can use a blade to make a cut on it or on the whole contour so that they will open).

Heat half a liter of extra virgin olive oil in a pan and prepare a plate made of absorbent paper, another plate made of sugar and cinnamon, and another plate for doughnuts.

Put the doughnuts in hot oil. When they turn yellow, put them on the plate with absorbent paper for a rest. Then put the doughnuts on the sugar and cinnamon and put them on the plate.

Beat the eggs and sugar well, add orange juice, fennel and extra virgin olive oil, add stirring stick, lemon peel and orange peel, add flour, yeast and gasification bag, stir with stirring stick until the dough hardness is allowed, and then use spatula or plastic bag By hand (this is a very sticky dough). Let the dough stand to form a doughnut. The rest of the formula is the same as in the previous paragraph.

Once we’ve made easter donuts, we can put them in a jar with a lid so that they’re softer. Although they’re well preserved because of the amount of oil they contain, the donuts I usually make carry less fat and tend to harden faster than these donuts.

Anna Ruiz

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