Protein Rich Pure Vegetarian Coffee Mousse, A Simple And Delicious Dessert, Everyone Will Like

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Today, we provide you with a simple, fast, healthy and delicious spoon dessert formula, especially for those who like coffee rather than just drink coffee. It is a protein rich pure coffee mousse, an easy and delicious dessert, which everyone will like. However, it must be pointed out that this is not a real mousse, because this traditional French cooking method is made of protein, cream, sugar and any special flavor ingredients, such as chocolate.

Mousse is one of the most popular spoon desserts, because it is creamy and light, because it is a very breathable cream, not because it is light due to its low fat or sugar content. On the contrary, in fact, in the dictionary, mousse is usually defined as foam. But, of course, considering what the concept of mousse is, there are many different recipes that can maintain a certain degree of similarity, and often when traditional recipes are suitable for specific dietary groups, for example, without animal products.

So, how to make a mousse without dairy products and eggs? Well, there are many recipes for making pure mousse. In fact, most of them don’t have the texture of real mousse. They are more like cream, but they are delicious and worth preparing and enjoying, because apart from delicious desserts, they can also be nutritious and healthy, Like Tofu Mousse, it’s chocolate and hazelnut.

Today we’ve brought you another version of the dessert. As we’ve already told you, it’s a protein rich coffee mousse. You only need five ingredients and five minutes to prepare it. Write down the next step-by-step recipe.

Drain the tofu, cut it into small pieces and put it into the glass of the blender. Then add 40 grams of water beans, boiled chickpea water or pickled beans management solution. If you don’t have it, you can use plain milk cream or more vegetable drinks instead.

Add plant drinks (also almonds, hazelnuts, coconuts… Considering the effect of taste on mousse), soluble coffee (the amount may vary depending on the intensity of taste), vanilla extract and the required sweetener or sweetener to the blender glass.

Crush it until you get an even cream. As you grind, some air gets into the preparation, so don’t waste your time getting very good cream. Pour the plain Coffee Mousse into a glass or dessert cup, cover it and leave it in the fridge for at least a few hours.

To provide this coffee dessert, you can add some cocoa powder or crushed biscuits, which will bring some texture. Enjoy yourself!

A. Abbreviations

soup spoon

Dessert spoon

Coffee spoon

C / N = quantity required