Plain Chocolate Cream Pudding

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Most of the time, the recipes we make also apply to vegetarians or vegetarians, but we rarely point out that. As you have repeatedly asked us to emphasize some of these recipes, today we use this cream plain chocolate pudding to make. It is a very easy to make dessert or snack, and it is healthy and fat free. Although you have to control the sweetener or the type of sweetener used, it is still in your hands.

We make a lot of cream pudding, which is actually like eating some cream pudding. Although they are thickened with cornmeal and there are no eggs, it’s a very fast dessert. We usually make it with milk, but this time we use coconut and rice drinks, which also brings a bit of tropical fruit flavor to the pudding. The combination of coconut and chocolate, you know how rich it is… So whether you are vegetarian or non vegetarian, we suggest you try this simple chocolate and coconut cream pudding.

Stir the bricks of the drink before pouring the required amount into the pan. Then add the cornmeal. If you want to make it thicker or less, play according to the instructions. If you want to eat like custard, you can even put a little less. Mix well with cornstarch until cornstarch dissolves.

Then add pure cocoa powder, mix again, add sweetener or sweetener to taste, and put the pot on the fire.

Let the preparation heat up, don’t stop stirring with the manual stirrer. When it boils, it will start to thicken, then lower the fire and continue stirring for about one minute.

Take the pan off the fire and pour the coconut and cocoa butter into the container where you want the cream pudding. Cover the skin with kitchen film and let it cool to room temperature, or put it directly in the refrigerator.

Before you serve the plain chocolate pudding, you can decorate it with coconut chips or chips. If you want to make it more delicious, you can bake it in a pan. Good luck!

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