Avocado Walnut Vegetarian Pizza

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

We’ve explained to you many times how to make pizza dough by hand, and how to use kneaders or Thermomix. In addition, we have a variety of pizza dough recipes, although we usually make crisp pizza dough because it’s simple and very good. Starting with a good homemade pizza dough, you can add the ingredients you want to make a delicious pizza. The combination is unlimited. Today, we recommend a very common vegetarian pizza with avocados, nuts and sesame to provide freshness, texture and taste, as well as healthy fat.

Now let’s explain how to make a pizza dough. Remember to prepare it a few hours in advance, because you’ll find it better. Then we’ll show you how to cover the dough with a selection of vegan pizzas and avocados and nuts. It’s easy to prepare and you’ll love it.

If possible, make the pizza dough at least 4 hours in advance so it can rest and produce a better taste and texture dough. To make it by hand, use flour to form a volcano in a large bowl, add salt and yeast dissolved in water, and then add the remaining water to extra virgin olive oil.

Start mixing, add the flour to the crater until all the ingredients come together, and knead into a thin, uniform, elastic dough. If necessary, because depending on how much liquid the flour absorbs, more flour can be added if the flour is too sticky, and more water can be added if the flour is too hard.

If you make dough on a kneader or Thermomix, follow the instructions of the machine. In Thermomix, we put all the ingredients (with the dissolved yeast) in a glass and knead them at stirring speed for 5 to 6 minutes. When the dough is ready, place it in a bowl of extra virgin olive oil or sprinkle with flour. Cover the dough and let it rest at room temperature without air flow.

Use the baker’s scraper or scissors to cut the dough into four parts, do not pull, let it rest for a few minutes to wean.

Before you start to prepare the pizza, heat the oven up and down to 250 degrees Celsius, and form four bases on the frosting table. You can make them very thin if you like crispness, and thicker if you like American style. Once formed, it is retained in the preparation of the remaining ingredients.

Pour the ketchup into the middle of the dough, stretch it out in a circular motion, and then crush the cheese, then onion, roasted pepper, cut zucchini and eggplant slices, and fried mushrooms. You can add a little salt to the vegetables.

Put the pizza in the oven and lower the temperature to 200 ℃. Bake for about 15 minutes, or until the dough is crisp. Then take the pizza out of the oven.

Put the diced avocado, nuts and sesame on the new pizza and enjoy it. Enjoy yourself!

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