Three Simple And Delicious Bimi Recipes Without Meat On Monday

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

A few months ago, we talked about a fashionable vegetable because of its nutritional characteristics and health benefits. In Spain, it is mainly famous for its trademark bimi, which was introduced into the market, but as we have said, it is a natural hybrid of broccoli and Chinese Cabbage (Kalan) It’s also known as baby cauliflower, dwarf cauliflower, cauliflower… In other countries, it’s also known as its trademark. We can give the examples of tenderstem and bellaverde. In addition, we have to add that its registered name in 1993 is aspborc F1, and we explain all of these in this article.

We also shared some recipes with you, which are as versatile as your family recipes. Today, we chose a vegetarian recipe to let you know how to prepare baby broccoli or bimi so that you can eat on Monday or dinner without meat. You know, this is an international activity, which is free on Monday. Meat aims to reduce the world’s meat consumption and benefit the people and the health of the earth.

So we’ve left you three simple and delicious recipes for bimi. No matter which day you like, they are very easy to cook. So there’s no reason why you can’t eat well because of the lack of time. You have time to cook and eat at noon, and if you are free at night Tired of long hours of work or study. So notice, click on the name of the dish you want to try under the photo, and you’ll find the recipe step by step.