Six New Meatless Monday Death Horn Recipes

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

If you follow our recipe every day, you’ll find that in the past few weeks, we’ve included some dishes with the death horn. We have told you that we like these mushrooms. Although they are a little expensive compared with other vegetables, we like to eat them often, just as we often eat broccoli and zucchini, Wait, the problem is, we’re starting a new week, because every Monday, we prepare a cookbook to give you some ideas to help you realize your promise of reducing meat consumption. Mushrooms are the protagonist again, so you have six new death horn cookbooks On Monday without meat, if you put them together with these five, you already have a dozen to prepare and test.

If someone doesn’t know the characteristics of this mushroom, in this article, you have a brief explanation. We also discussed the dehydration death horn, but the fact is that it’s easy to find fresh ones now, and I believe you can buy all kinds of mushrooms in your supermarket or market Grow in these days. Because the recipe we put forward, in this case, also known as the black horn, is easy to do and healthy. You’ll find that some people have ham, but for Mondays without meat or any vegetarians, just skip that ingredient.

You know, to get recipes from every dish in this recipe step by step, just click on the name on the photo. We hope you like them, and we believe that they will make the whole family like them. You can choose from several main ingredients according to your nutritional needs, or whether you eat them in food or dinner, and the most important thing is what you like or are used to eating at every moment of the day. In your opinion, with these new death horn recipes, you don’t even want to eat meat.