Five New Recipes For Monday Without Meat

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

We find mushrooms in the refrigerated areas of supermarkets and vegetable stores at any time of the year. They are cultivated mushrooms originated in Asia. In fact, they are not long in our market, but they are another kind of food in our food storeroom because they are widely cultivated in Spain. So, in addition to having good usability in stores, they are a nutritious, healthy, delicious and versatile food that we often put on our plates.

For example, its taste and texture can become the protagonist of spaghetti or rice, and it is also an ingredient that can enhance the deep flavor. The problem is, today we’re only going to see a fraction of the many shiitake recipes we’ve shared with you, because they’re for Monday’s meatless lunch or dinner.

However, you know these vegetarian recipes are for any day and for people who have different diets, not vegetarians. So pay attention to these five new meatless Monday mushroom Recipes (here are seven other mushroom recipes, also vegetarians). If you want more mushroom recipes, you can find them by clicking on the “shiitake” tab at the bottom of the post or using a search engine. We hope you like them.