Chicken With Mustard And Potato

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

A few days ago, we bought some tricolor potato chicken so that we can cook quickly in the refrigerator. There are many parties these days, and we spend more time outside than at home. If you want to know what chicks are, because they’re like a little potato dwarf with more or less spherical shape, they can also be baked in a shorter time. In fact, some chickens are cooked directly in hot sauce. This is not the case with the chicken recipe we want to share with you, because it’s flavored with a cold sauce, a delicious mustard sauce.

Potato chicken or potato chicken is very common, can be seasoning and other ingredients, but in other words, because our idea is to use these small potatoes to make a fast food dish, so we put our potato chicken and mustard here, in addition to the production speed, they are very easy, and easy to preserve. delicate. You can adapt this recipe to dwarf, or make chicks with the classic basil sauce or trapanes sauce. By the way, with the ingredients of the sauce, you can put it on another plate more than once, spaghetti, sandwiches…

Start preparing the sesame paste, put it in a processor or blender cup, add pine nuts, parmesan cheese and freshly ground or chopped pecorino, and finally grind it into a sauce, plus extra virgin olive oil and a little freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Season with freshly ground black pepper and salt. Don’t abuse it because the cheese is salty. Peppers, as we say in the ingredients, are optional. Crush it until you get a dense, even sauce, set aside.

To make the noodles, heat them in a pan full of water. When it’s boiling, you can heat a pan, unlubricate, and bake pine nuts over medium heat so they don’t burn in a flash. Once you put pine nuts in the pan, you skip them from time to time. Once they have color, take them out of the fire, because they are still burning when they are hot.

You can take them out of the pot or add more salt to the water when it’s boiling, and then use it as a foaming agent for a short time. Put them in a bowl or fountain and season with garlic sauce, just a few tablespoons, so they won’t be too spicy.

Then put more mustard in the sauce and put it on the table. If you need to, let every guest add more mustard.

Take the chicken with garlic and some sesame, roasted pine nuts, and some pecorino or parmesan cheese, which you can easily remove with a vegetable peeler, sprinkle with some freshly ground lemon peel, and serve immediately. Enjoy yourself!