You Cook Today: Raspberry Toast And White Chocolate

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

Although traditional toasters, milk in some places and wine in others… Will always be the protagonist of Easter candy, this crude production makes many versions possible. As Michelle angel, the author of today’s creative kitchen blog, put it to us, they are raspberry toasters with white chocolate, As a group, we know many of you will be tempted.

These raspberries are naturally crushed and bathed in our favorite fresh milk grill. Next, Michelangelo explained to us how to use white chocolate and raspberry sugar LYO to make his torrejas, from the most basic to decorative patterns.

We cut the bread into three centimeter long slices. We heat the milk a little bit with cream and sugar so that it dissolves well in it. We quickly crushed everything, added raspberries and yolks, so we could bathe the toaster. Once soaked, we put them on a grid so they can drain.

We heat a butter mold in a pan, spread it, and then toast on it, so that the eggs are set, don’t need to be fried, and the butter tastes good.

Then we crush the sugar and the freeze-dried raspberry together until it turns pink. Then we pour our Tori bread on the raspberry.

Finally, we heat a pan with water to low power. We put a metal bowl on it and put a white chocolate cover on it. We shouldn’t add anything, milk, butter, or anything, because it’s more perishable. As long as you have enough patience, keep stirring and let it melt until we have liquid.

We made a sleeve cake out of melted white chocolate, and on a table lined with tissue paper, we made a chocolate watermark. We will also cover torrijas with a few white chocolate threads so that they can mix with its flavor and have a hard chocolate texture because it will soon cool down. We put the chocolate strips in the fridge for a few minutes so that they would harden, and finally we made a small cut in the grill with a knife and put them on it…

On the raspberry grill, we sprinkle a little raspberry sugar to enjoy!