“Meatless Monday” Has Eight Kinds Of Pistachio Recipes, Rich In Vegetables, Rice, Pasta… This Delicious Dried Fruit

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

I’m sure you know our taste for nuts, for everyone, for beans like peanuts. But the most important thing is, we think the most important thing is, you know, nuts are a very nutritious and healthy food, as long as they are natural or roasted, not fried or pickled, let alone charred or coated with honey. Nuts are not only rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins, but also an interesting source of plant protein, which is why vegetarians usually eat nuts as their food.

However, although nuts are healthy, because of their energy density, that is, they contain a lot of calories, they can easily get out of control when used as snacks. However, as an ingredient rich in vegetables, rice, pasta and any other food, they are ideal because, in addition to their nutritional benefits, they also provide texture contrast and more flavor, especially in the case of baking. Today, we will focus on pistachio, because we have prepared a compilation of vegetarian recipes with this ingredient as the leading role to start this week’s work, so you can notice the eight pistachio recipes we have prepared for you on “meatless Monday”.

You’ll find all kinds of pistachio salad recipes. They look good, just like they’re suitable for almost any vegetable. There’s also a condiment that we often use in the kitchen. We’ve provided you with all kinds of recipes. We’re talking about Duca. It’s so versatile, it’s so rich… Anyway, we’ll leave the recipes to you You will be able to make delicious dishes and surprise your guests, knowing that to see recipes step by step, just click on the name on the photo.