How To Use Cecotec’S Manbo Cooking Robot To Make Gazpacho

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

It’s easier and faster to make a gazpacho than to buy it, but it’s better not to use it when you have to spend time reading various industrial labels to try to choose the most natural and healthy one. Then, let its texture and taste relate to the real Spanish natural gas, its freshness, its fragrance… Because a fresh Spanish natural gas, it has a good taste of tomatoes and other vegetables, it nourishes it. It won’t take us more than 10-15 minutes to make the best Spanish gas at home. If we use a cooking robot, we can shorten this time to 5 minutes, because tomatoes don’t have to be peeled, if it wants to be good…

At present, almost everyone can own a kitchen robot. There are a lot of supply in the market, and there are models with very good performance and very good price. Although, as you know, one of our hobbies is cooking, and the kitchen robot is an assistant who cooks almost alone, there are also some recipes that do not have better tools to achieve very good results, such as the gazpacho we are talking about. In order to let you know how easy it is to make a gazpacho on a kitchen robot, today we will explain how to use cecotec’s Manbo, which is a good value for money robot, because it can be bought in any store cooperating with the brand, and the price is 199 euro.

How do you do gazpacho? Well, basically, you have to wash the ingredients, cut them into small pieces, and then grind them, but as we said, if you use a hand blender or a regular Glass Blender, you have to peel the tomatoes first, so that you don’t find dander in every spoonful of cold soup, otherwise, once you’re done Gaspacho. On the contrary, with a cooking robot, we can omit either of these two steps, even leave the skin of Cucumbers (remember, if we peel, the skin of these vegetables has vitamins, we will stop eating them), and we can’t find any after shredding.

Finally, we will explain to you how to use cecotec’s Mambo cooking robot, gazpacho, to provide value for new users of this cooking robot and those who are considering buying one. If you want to know more about its features, you can see it on the official website.

As you can see, this time we prepared a cold Spanish soup without bread and water, and it turned out to be a cold soup, which is suitable for spoon and cup. If you want to make it thicker, you can add a piece of bread. As for tomatoes, choose your favorite, some good pear tomatoes, and even some good salad tomatoes from the nearest orchard.

Wash the tomatoes, chop them, wash the cucumbers, if you like, beat them out and chop them. Wash the chili peppers you cut and remove the thread from them. Peel the onion and cut it into small pieces.

Put all these vegetables in the cup of Mambo’s cooking robot, and add the garlic peeled before. Of course, you can put the amount of garlic on the taste. Finally, add salt and sherry vinegar.

Program the cooking robot at a speed of 5 for 40 seconds. In this way, the composition of Spanish natural gas will be chopped up. Then, the programming speed was 102 minutes. At the end of this time, the need to correct the salt was tested, and extra virgin olive oil was added to regrind and emulsify the gazpacho. The programming speed was 101 minutes. The result will be a very thin, even cream, silky taste.

Once made of natural gas, both the texture and condiment can be adjusted at any time. If you want thicker bread (or more bread), if you want to lighten it, add water or ice, the Mambo cooking robot can also crush it, so you can get a fresh, cool Spanish cold dish that you can eat (or drink) at any time. If you want to make different and equally delicious gazpacho recipes, you can take note of these ideas and make them the way we explained in this traditional gazpacho.

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