Burrata With Grilled Tomatoes And Pickled Eggplant Is Ready For The Holiday Appetizer In 10 Minutes

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

If you’re as enthusiastic about Burrata as we are, you’ll notice all the recipes we share, of which this traditional Italian cheese is the main character, sometimes appetizers, sometimes appetizers… When you prepare Burrata recipes, we doubt what your choice is, If this is a medium size or standard part, how many people think it is? In our example, we usually cook Burrata with baked tomatoes and pickled eggplant for two people, but we have to say that in many cases, we each make a Burrata appetizer.

By the way, we are considering evaluating burratas made in Spain, because their texture and taste seem to be very good, don’t you think? Another star product of this Burrata baked tomato appetizer is pickled eggplant, because we use eggplant made by chef Vicent guimer á (l’anti Moli *), which is part of the El rebost series and can be purchased online. It has some particularities. We will tell you in the recipe that they are very harmonious.

It may not be easy to find cherry tomatoes on the branches, but it’s no problem to make this recipe with the cherry tomatoes you find. You can even choose tomato cocktails of different varieties and colors. As for the black truffle, you know that we are the last batch of fresh truffles in winter. If you have a chance to taste this dish, if not, you know that the summer truffle is coming soon. At the same time, without the black diamond in the kitchen, enjoy the Burrata of tomato and pickled eggplant.

In order to bake tomatoes, you can choose different methods. In this case, we fry the tomatoes in the air at 190 ℃ for about 8 minutes. They can also be baked in a traditional oven, but it takes longer, Or put a little extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan, heat it over high heat and cover it partially. It’s faster. Anyway, season with aove and salt.

On the other hand, the chicken was removed from the preserved serum and dried thoroughly. Pickled eggplant can be eaten at room temperature or heated in microwave oven.

Wash, dry, chop fresh onions, and if you put black truffle in it, lick it, scrape it, or clean it. The oil in the pickled eggplant sauce, combined with a little sour apple vinegar, can also be used to flavor Burrata.

Place the baked cherry tomatoes and Burrata on a large plate, then place the pickled eggplant on one side of Burrata. Add chopped green onion, salt and fresh black truffle. Marinate eggplant with olive oil. Enjoy yourself!

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