Monday Without Meat Has 10 Recipes For Dried Tomato Spaghetti, Which Tastes Good

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

Tomato is a kind of fruit, which is usually considered to be horticultural. We already know, and you may also know that one of its advantages is that it has UMA flavor. The fifth flavor. What happens if the tomato is dehydrated or dried? Because of its good taste, dried tomatoes are one of the ingredients that we will never lack in our storeroom, because our favorite ingredient is extra virgin olive oil with herbs and spices, which we can use to make very delicious dishes. For example, we have brought you 10 kinds of pasta recipes Dry tomatoes.

The characteristic of these dishes is that they are vegetarians, because we gathered them together in this article to provide you with the idea of making “meatless Monday” food. You know, the international movement is called “meatless Monday” and aims to raise people’s awareness of reducing food consumption For the health of the individual and the planet. Well, since everyone loves spaghetti, here are 10 “meatless Monday” recipes for dried tomato spaghetti, and you’ll find delicious dishes and simple recipes.

You will find that we use different types of spaghetti, but you can make these recipes with spaghetti that you like or that you eat at home, and always choose the same type, whether it’s short, thick, long… You know, step by step look at the recipe of dried tomato spaghetti, You just click on the plate to show the name on the picture, and then continue to share, so that more people can access it, just as you have to convey the message that meat should not be eaten every day.