Chocolate Cake

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

We are entering a date when the traditional candy table is re dressed and lent invites us to taste Easter monkeys, donuts, torrijas, plague, pankimo, farina and other Easter sweets. Our advice for you today is these chocolate cakes.

Although chocolate cake is not very traditional, many people will certainly thank this historic candy for adding the delicious chocolate. It’s easy to make recipes. Maybe the first donuts aren’t perfect (never), but they’re delicious!

Put water, butter, sugar, orange peel and salt in a pan. Bring it to a boil. When it starts to cook, pour in the pre screened cocoa powder and remove it from the fire with a wooden spoon until the dough falls off the wall.

Take the pan off the fire and let the dough lose some heat. After a few minutes, start to put the eggs one by one until the first egg is not put into the dough. Don’t put one down. You’ll get a thin, even, dense cream. When the dough is finished, let it rest for about an hour so that it can get its body.

After this time, place a pan full of oil (it can be olive oil or sunflower oil) on a low heat, and gradually put a few spoonfuls of dough to make sure it falls down. You can make three or four doughnuts at a time according to the size of the pan.

Remember that dough will swell and need space, so we suggest you read why doughnuts swell. Turn the chocolate cake over and let it brown and expand evenly. After making, take it out and put it on the oil absorption paper to remove the excess oil.

Then put the doughnut on the plate and sprinkle some sugar. Enjoy yourself!