A Potato Recipe Without Meat On Monday

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

We think you might want to eat potatoes if there is no meat on Monday, so we collected some potato recipes that you can make in the oven, pan, pan… Because some potatoes are roasted, some are roasted, and we rarely share potato chips recipes with you, because You know this is the least recommended recipe for a healthy diet.

Potatoes are a very economical and versatile staple food, which can be cooked with different techniques (if any, potatoes are more suitable for cooking than frying). We like to flavor them with spices, or if we are cooked, we just need to use a good extra virgin olive oil and salt. Although there are also delicious sauces that make them a delicious dish.

We can combine potatoes with vegetables, mushrooms and eggs… This is the meatless Monday potato recipe we offer you today. We hope you can enjoy the cooking, food and gravel you prepare to reduce meat consumption and its impact on the environment.