15 Meatless Recipes Rich In Vegetable Protein On Monday

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

We have a lot to say about Jodie evor’s rescue plan. In fact, we have discussed some here, but now we have to talk about another problem, that is, to know what the conditions are for animals to become human food (so is marine protein), This is not necessarily the extreme we see on the show or in thousands of documentaries about animal abuse. It makes many people think of giving up or at least reducing meat consumption.

In food and company, you know, it’s a reminder, and we remind you every week that we start with a meat free cookbook every week, so you can (at least) encourage yourself to reduce meat consumption and follow the international campaign of meat free or meat free Mondays. Well, the cookbook we brought you today emphasizes protein, because when you stop eating meat and fish, it’s this massive nutrient that’s reduced in your diet.

Beans and nuts are the most protein rich foods (in addition to some seeds, there are other foods), so let’s introduce 15 meatless recipes rich in plant protein next Monday. Now everyone knows that there are many other ways to prepare vegetables besides stew or potatoes, so below you’ll see recipes for salads, hamburgers, chickpeas, salad dressings… And some suggestions for tofu and textured soybeans. I’m sure you’ll like them.