Homemade Almond Muffin Formula Is Tender, Fragrant And Easy To Make

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

This weekend, we have prepared our almond muffin recipes for you. They are very simple. As long as you make them once, you will find that they are very easy to make. You will not hesitate to repeat them once a week, or maybe once a month. Most importantly, there will be different breakfasts every weekend, which is that we can easily enjoy them The first meal of the day is at home. Don’t worry, we can eat a lot of delicious things.

In this homemade muffin recipe, almonds appear in the form of butter in the dough. To provide a clear contrast, we added some almond particles on the surface. If you don’t know where to find almond jam, even though it’s available in more and more stores, you can make it at home, just like hazelnuts, nuts or any other dried fruit, as we explained in detail in this article.

Anyway, you can make the same muffin recipe with hazelnut sauce, covering it with crushed hazelnuts, nuts or your favorite dried fruit. You’ll get the perfect one, and you’ll like it, so you can now notice that the recipe for homemade almond muffins is very tender, delicious, and easy to make…

Put the flour and yeast into a bowl, add a little salt and sugar (they are not very sweet, so the sweetest can be added a little sugar), and then mix.

In another bowl, stir the eggs with almond oil, sunflower oil and milk. Add some lemon peel.

After mixing the liquid, add the flour preparation and mix it together with a spatula. Let the oven rest as it heats up.

Heat the oven to 210 degrees Celsius, up and down. Put the muffin dough in a paper cup (two if they’re thin) and you’ll put them in a hard mold so they don’t open during the baking process. Remember not to fill them up so they have enough space to climb up and make the cake.

Put some almonds and some sugar on each muffin. When the oven is hot, place the tray at a medium height and bring the temperature down to 190 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes.

The time may vary from oven to oven, so when the almond muffin rises and is slightly golden, remove it.

Cool the muffins on the grill and you can enjoy a delicious, fluffy, delicious breakfast or snack. Enjoy yourself!

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