12 “Meatless Monday” Breakfast And Legume Snacks Recipes

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

We started a new week with 12 bean breakfast and snack recipes for “meatless Monday” and “world beans day”, because today is world beans day. Please remember that we have been commenting on this point when we talk about the “Declaration on the importance of beans nutrition” in this article, Or in the last Sunday recipes, you can see here, where you can find delicious lunch and dinner options.

But we can also add beans to breakfast and snacks. As you can see in the 12 culinary ideas we brought you today, there are choices of candy, such as chocolate cream, pancakes… And those who like salty. You will find that we have some soybean meal recipes, such as chickpea flour and defatted peanut flour. We use it to make some biscuits with peanut butter on them. You know chickpea flour can make many recipes, but it’s more about the protagonist than the supplement, You have chocolate and bacon rolls (read “chechina”), also known as Faina or chickpea cakes.

Just look at this article and you can see how to make chickpea flour, although it’s easy to find even in supermarkets now. With kitchen robots like Thermomix, you just need to choose a good national bean. That is to say, you know, to see the details of these breakfast or snack bean recipes step by step, just click on the name on the photo. Happy world beans day!