Easter Nest Chocolate And Nuts, Delicious, Crisp And Healthy

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

A few years ago, we shared the recipe of Easter eggs in your nest. It’s a sweet fantasy. It’s suitable for making Easter eggs with children, but it’s also very popular with the old people, because it includes making chocolate and breakfast cereal. They are designed as a nest, in which small eggs can be put, And chocolate. Because in these days, the children in the house are likely to be on holiday (or they will be in the Valencia community from April 1), you will be encouraged to get together in the kitchen to make some sweets, so we think you can make some Easter nests with chocolate and nuts, but have a healthy version.

In order to do this, you just need to choose some breakfast cereals without sugar. Now there are many choices, rice, corn, wheat… And your favorite nuts, raw or baked. In addition, chocolate must contain a high proportion of cocoa powder, you know, the darker the better. However, when you buy chocolate, don’t use the word “black” on the label to guide you, because this is not always what we think. You have to see the cocoa proportion on the ingredient list, which is recommended to be 70% to 74%.

Of course, the more cocoa, the more sour the chocolate, so children may not like it very much. Maybe one way to solve these problems is to put more cereals and nuts in the ingredients, so that the proportion of chocolate will be reduced, as long as there is enough quantity to “paste” the crispy ingredients in the Easter nest.

These Easter chocolate nests can be decorated with chocolate eggs, but you can also fill them with anything you can think of, such as fresh fruit, fresh fruit, blueberries… In addition to being a healthy candy, it can also be used as an element to decorate Easter monkeys. If you do, please tell us how you are prepared, and if you share them in instagram profile, please don’t stop tagging us to see them.

Cut the chocolate into small pieces, put it in a microwave bowl, or put it in the bathroom, Mary. If you melt the chocolate in the microwave, first put it under the maximum power for one minute, then check if it is still missing, and then put it in a shorter time, about 20 seconds.

Before it is completely covered, when there is still a whole piece, you can stir it with a spoon or spatula, so that under the heat of chocolate, it is completely covered, resulting in a bright and delicate liquid chocolate.

We use hazelnuts and almonds, and if the breakfast cereal is flaked, break it up a little bit. Stir the cereal with the nuts and chocolate in a bowl so they can be washed clean. The amount may vary, and you can add more grains and nuts if you want.

To shape the nest, you can use muffin capsules or muffin and muffin multi cavity molds, in which case, depending on the material, you need to lightly lubricate them so that the chocolate can be removed well. Simply, pour one or two tablespoons of the preparation into each mold or capsule, form a hole in the middle, and raise the side wall toward the mold wall.

Or, you can add some dehydrated coconut silk (or coconut silk). Let the chocolate cool and crystallize at room temperature, and then you can demould it.

Put the crispy chocolate nest for Easter on the plate, decorate it with your choice, Easter eggs, fresh fruit… Enjoy the sweetness and Easter. Enjoy yourself!

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