Doughnuts, Almonds And Bananas. Microwave Oven Made In 5 Minutes

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

We made these doughnuts in a new microwave with espelta, almonds and bananas, which shows us again that the cooking time from one device to another can be different, and very different. Now we tell you, don’t suggest you try this microwave recipe in 5 minutes, because you’ll like to have some doughnuts for tomorrow’s snack or breakfast. Although it sounds like a sweet fantasy, it’s a healthy and nutritious pastry.

You will find that we let you choose the sweetener or sweetener you like to use, and you will know which one is suitable for you. In this case, we use a liquid sweetener. As we told you before, we calculate it based on the ration we get from the preparation, that is, if we have 10 doughnuts or doughnut shaped biscuits, we will eat them in two, We added five sweeteners (for example, one is the amount we added to the yogurt).

It should also be noted that bananas have considerable sweetness in the preparation process. If chocolate is added, even if the cocoa content is very high, it will make it sweet. In any case, each of us has a more or less obvious sweet threshold. As for what we call microwave cooking time, we usually make these doughnuts in an 800 Watt silicone mold for 1’30 or 1’50 minutes, but in this new microwave, we put them at the same power for 2’30 minutes.

To know when they were made, you just need to see that the surface has solidified, you can touch it, and there is no dough on your fingers. When you make cookies, Muggle cakes and any other type of pastry for the first time, you have to be very careful, but you’ll find it easy to get to the point, just like an oven. By the way, if you want to make these doughnuts, bananas and almonds in a traditional oven, you can do them at 180 ℃ and they’ll be ready in about 12-15 minutes.

Put whole wheat flour (you can use another kind of flour), yeast and salt into the jar, and quickly make the biscuits into dough. Add eggs, banana slices (about 185 grams), almond oil (we’ve tasted this nut and I, and we love the taste and texture) and sweeteners.

For seasoning, add some vanilla and cinnamon extracts, and finally add milk or vegetable drinks, crushing into a uniform dough. Then put it in a silicone mold (like this) and don’t completely fill it up, as they will rise during cooking. If you want to make doughnuts in a traditional oven, you can use a metal mold, in which case it’s best to lubricate with butter or oil.

Now, add a few drops of chocolate or almond sticks to each doughnut and cook them with chopsticks. We add it up so that all the biscuits have a good filler.

Place the first mold in the microwave oven and program for 1’30 minutes to 800 watts, during which time check the cooking and, if necessary, add another 30 seconds at the same power. If you need to give him a few more seconds, don’t stop in front of the machine and watch it spin. It’s the same for the second mold. Once you’ve made cakes, let them cool before you take them apart.

Decorate the espelta and almond doughnuts with some melted chocolate, roasted almonds, cocoa powder or these delicious doughnuts on your own, and then share them, because if you share something good, it’s doubly good. Enjoy yourself!

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