Jody Rocca, The Loveliest And Most United Mona

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

In Catalonia, the feature of the Easter Mona Lisa is that the cake is decorated with chocolate patterns. We don’t talk about the more traditional and wider Easter Mona Lisa in Valencia and other communities. It consists of a piece of bread decorated with baked Mona Lisa eggs. Chocolate art is an important part of today’s Catalan Easter monkey, although children’s favorite is one of their favorite fictional characters, and Godfathers (in principle) make this gift for their Godson.

But for those of us who are older, what attracts us most is that any sculpture is made of a good piece of chocolate. If we can unite to buy an Easter monkey, it would be even better. We tell you this because we want to show you a little more than a year ago, made by El celler de can Roca, Jordi Roca has made three years of original chocolate Easter Mona, and work with them to raise money for the Mona foundation, a primate rehabilitation center dedicated to their health.

At the rehabilitation center in ruidellots de la selva (Girona), chimpanzees and macaques are abused in natural environments such as circuses and television stations, and surrounded by similar animals. If you want to know more about their work at Mona foundation, you can visit their website through this link.

In the avatar of this article, you can see that Jody Rocca and his team designed the Easter Mona from residents of the Mona foundation. According to losroca’s brother, it was made from the best cocoa in the world, You know, he did a lot of research to start his own project, his chocolate factory. You can choose “the most lovely monkey” dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Anyway, you have a surprise in your heart.

One of Jordi Roca Monas (Limited Edition) can be ordered on the Mona Foundation’s website for 25 euros and reports that all of the proceeds from these chocolates will go to primate rehabilitation centers. Now, if you don’t have the opportunity to order Monas at the foundation, please pay attention to a good choice.

As we can see on BBVA celler de can Roca website, the loveliest and most united Mona of Jordi Roca can be purchased by phone or at rocambolesc store. In addition, the latter always wants to surprise and smile those who like his works. He wants to pay homage to his two most famous poles, “Rocatocha” (a tribute to his nose) and “dark ice cream” (the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet), and created bigger molds to make a united Easter monad.

Mona rocatocha has strawberries and pink lollipops in it, which is the smell of polo, while Mona Darth Vader has hazelnut chocolate and helmet shaped biscuits. It’s hard to choose one, isn’t it? Well, if you want to surprise your Godson or anyone, an Easter monkey, the best chocolates and fine fillings, and provide a little sand for primates who don’t deserve pain, you can contact rocambolesc ice cream shop.