Eight Tofu Desserts Recipe To Ensure No Meat And Vegetable Protein Loss On Monday

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

When the consumption of meat and fish decreases, people usually doubt how to meet the protein demand in food. Due to the protein content of plants, the foods usually included in the diet are beans, seeds, nuts… Several products are based on these ingredients They make it easier for vegetarians, vegetarians and those who want to reduce meat consumption to eat vegetable protein, the most popular of which is tofu.

But sometimes you don’t know how to cook tofu, so your meal won’t repeat, change a little, or you just want to eat a plate of vegetables, spaghetti, rice… I don’t know how to add protein to food. Well, if you’ve noticed these eight recipes for tofu desserts, then you won’t miss the vegetable protein. We’re doing this today because we always give you ideas to fulfill Monday’s meatless promise.

Many people will now see that the tastelessness of tofu is positive because it can be the basis for the most delicious and even the most “chocolate” desserts. It’s also important to remember that these desserts can be healthy as well as nutritious. You’ll see mousse (their name is like this, but it’s not actually this preparation), face cream, even a formula for making pseudovegan whey cheese, which you can use to make all kinds of desserts with just a little honey and nuts.

You know, to see the recipes of these eight kinds of tofu desserts step by step, just click on the recipe name in the photo. We hope you like them, like them, like them to repeat and share them, so that more people can like their food and enrich their taste pool.